Thursday, June 28, 2007

I've Got a Question, You've Got an Answer

As evidenced by my most recent Wordless Wednesday post depicting the thermometer (that's thermometer, not clock!) showing over 80 degrees in the shade at 9:00 at night, summer has arrived in all of its scorching glory.

It has been a miserable three days here in Connecticut with the three H's - hazy, hot, and humid - in full force but it hasn't officially been a heat wave, the definition of which requires three days of 90 degree temperatures or higher. Because it's supposed to cool down significantly later today with incoming thunderstorms, we shouldn't have the required 90 degrees or higher for a full three days. It's only going to feel like we were having a heat wave!

I'm going to be honest here - I truly dislike hate Summer! It is my least favorite season of all which is going some because I am not a big fan of Winter either! If I could find a place that had Fall all year through I think I'd move there in a New York minute (defined as significantly shorter than a real minute!) - especially at times like this when you just feel like you're melting as soon as you make the mistake of going someplace that doesn't have air-conditioning.

However, I know that some people not only list Summer as their favorite season - they revel in it, worship it, dance when it arrives, and grieve when it's gone! For those people, the hotter the better (though I've got to think they're referring to a dry heat and not heat that makes you think you live in a sauna!). I'm not going to say they're nuts as I fully believe to each their own but still ... ugh!

So, now that I've mumbled and grumbled about the weather let me ask you this week's question - which is actually several questions but don't tell anyone!

What is your favorite season of the year? Winter? Spring? Summer? Or Fall?
And why? What makes it so special to you?

While you contemplate that, I'm going to go chew some ice cubes while I dream of pumpkins, crisp apples, and the glorious colors of Fall foliage ...


  1. Camarillo, California where I live is a beach town and has temperate climate all year long and no mugginess. We don't even have air conditioners in our houses.

    Bad part, the housing prices are absolutely outrageous and I will have to retire somewhere else because my social security and house payment will be about the same.

  2. no a/c? never heard of it... since i am always cold, always, i like summer, but love the colors of fall, and the flowers of spring, and nothing about winter unless you are either in florida or the caribbean.

    smiles, bee

  3. Fall is my favorite. I love the colors, I love the weather, I love the cool evenings in the coziness of home. I love Fall

  4. Anonymous11:44 PM EDT

    In San Francisco we don't have seasons but when I live in Boston it was all 3 except winter (even though I am an avid skier).

  5. Anonymous3:37 AM EDT

    There are things I like about each season (yes, we get all four seasons up here in Canada! hehe), but I really do like Summer the best.

    Having said that, I am one cranky b@tch if I'm not near water in the Summer! Summer means no school (sleeping in!) and cold beer in the afternoon! :-)

  6. Summer definitely! We don't get enough sun here in England so when it does arrive you'll find me outside jumping for joy!

  7. I don't think you can call yourself a New Englander unless you site Fall as your favorite season. Who doesn't love apple picking? Pumpkin patches? Spiced warm cider? And let's not forget brilliantly color leaves against bright blue skies-cool air and that distinct smell in the air...


  8. the colors of fall, that wins hands down, i also love the first brisk days.......

  9. Its not Fall its Autumn! well i am an Autumn baby so that season means presents and i love the colours and smells of that time of year.

    Not a fan of Summer as that means showing flesh and i am pale like a ghost.

  10. Whew, girlfriend I'm with IS hotter than hell here in Arkansas. But, we're just gettin' warmed up.

    I love Spring! It's my favorite because it's all about new beginings. :)

  11. In case you missed this: In any case as the only submission, you are the winner.

    As a prize, pick any subject under the sun and see if I can write about it.... be as strange or wonderful as you like.

  12. Spring is my favorite. The world comes alive with such beautiful colors. Much more breathtaking than fall. I don't care for winter, but like Christmas. Once the New Year rolls in we need to flip the switch for spring. In California the fall weather is much like spring, so we continue to boat. I don't mind the heat as long as it isn't in the triple digits. Stay cool. :)

  13. Were we separated at birth?

    Fall says down,
    crushed into earth
    leaves of Autumn
    mulch sacrifice to Spring.

    Foot falls, dampt lamps of twilight
    wash sidewalks wet with fog
    Old songs filter smoky air
    thick with might have been

    Low moaning of horns and whining of clarinet
    cry for a place at the end of the bar
    and a lonely woman in black

    Gravity wins - look back
    Take hold of a year almost gone

  14. Fall is my favorite, especially if it's in a place with 4 seasons! There is just something romantic about fall.

  15. Since Southern California only seems to have two seasons...Hot and Everything favorite is the Everything Else which usually relates to the rest of the country's winter. Although this year's winter has been the driest in recorded history, we usually have some amount of rain, clouds, and cool weather which is a welcomed relief.

  16. I don't have a love or hate thing about any particular season - well, ok I DO HATE freezing rain but snow can look pretty if you are on the inside looking out, don't have to go out and drive in it, etc. I like nice sunny, warm -even a bit on the hot side as long as the humidity is way down low and there is just a hint of a breeze so summertime, with days like that are ok. With respect to spring or fall - I prefer the later (usually a bit warmer, drier too) days of spring when the flowers are budding, some blooming but I also really enjoy the crisp days of fall, not cold enough to need a big heavy coat, gloves and such but cool enough to get by with slacks and a nice heavy sweater cause I do love sweaters! And the hills here, in the fall, are absolutely gorgeous with the mixes of reds, yellows, orange, rust and greens of loads of evergreen mixed in among them. I think maybe I lean more towards the fall overall though - if I had to settle for just one, that is.

  17. I absolutely HATE summer! But we get days over 100° so I have my reasons! And I hate sweat! Fall to me, means death. Everything you worked so hard to keep alive dies. The colors of the leaves are due to the dying of the leaves...Spring is my favorite season. The anticipation of new growth and planting; spending time in the garden! And I love rain - we get most of our rain in the spring. I love storms!!!


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