Wednesday, March 19, 2008

For Those of You Who Have Forgotten ...

... what Amanda looks like - this is her current new look complete with blue hair, pink sunglasses, and a rainbow-colored hoodie.

... and to think that she'd only wear black not all that long ago! Now she tells me she needs more bright-colored clothes. Sigh ... teenagers!

I need a night out so I'm off to Foxwoods Casino to play Bingo with my mom and my aunt. Who knows? Maybe my losing streak will finally come to an end! However, I'm not going to hold my breath just in case!

Yak at ya'll tomorrow!


  1. holy crap, I am glad mine are old, but they still have not grown up.

  2. she looks very cute! and don't lose all you money in one place! ha ha

    smiles, bee

  3. Anonymous6:54 PM EDT

    Goo luck! Hope you win a lot of buckaroos!

  4. Hey, wait, I wanna come with!
    Good Luck!

  5. Kids...just when you think you know them, they morph into someone else!

    Have fun!

  6. I cannot say a word. Back "in the day," my hair was teased up to the roof, I wore white lipstick and heavy black eyeliner. My dad used to call me Lupe. (Don't ask...)
    I'm sure, if I was a teenager today, I'd be giving Amanda a run for her money!

  7. Hi Linda,

    Blue hair, not so bad..and she is cute as a neice went through the goth look...that was scary...hope you break the bank...

  8. She looks cute! Oh, she wants more colors - that's good. I don't like the Goth look that's been so popular lately.
    Good Luck at Bingo!

  9. She really suits bright colours!

    Fingers crossed for your at Bingo tonight. x

  10. Amanda looks good in that style.


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