Saturday, March 15, 2008

Three Wishes

I was quite happy and excited to see that three wishes have already appeared in the heavens of the Blogosphere as a result of the new Make a Wish Meme that I posted about yesterday. And good wishes they are, too! ...

Travis @ Trav's Thoughts
A lover of fine classic automobiles, I bet Travis would look great in this beauty!

Ralph @ Airhead55
A proud father of two fantastic children, Ralph's wish speaks volumes of his love for them.

Morgen at It's a Blog Eat Blog World
A man who wants to get the past behind him and head unencumbered into the future, this is a great wish for Morgen!

How about you? What's your wish?


  1. I'm thinking on it Linda :)

  2. Anonymous10:30 AM EDT

    May all their wishes come true! ♥

  3. These are wonderful. I love this meme and will be taking part!

  4. Wishing is the first part. Now we all have to do the work to make our wishes happen.

    Thanks for this meme Linda! I enjoyed doing it.

  5. Linda, I hope you don't mind but I did this "Make a Wish" meme which I saw on Mo's blog and Trav's blog. Come see what I did. I loved doing it! :D


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