Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Something to Get Excited About

Even though I only live about an hour away from the beaches in Rhode Island (the next state over to the right if you're facing Maine!), I've only actually been to one of them once. If you've got some time to kill and want to read the post, I blogged about it way back on July 26th, 2006. The girls and I had a great time with our friend Paula even though I ended up getting a nasty sunburn on my feet which turned into a nasty case of cellulitis (a common, potentially serious bacterial skin infection) that put me out of work and on crutches for a few days. Despite the end results we had a wonderful time and I've often wondered why it is I don't get to the beaches in Rhode Island more often.

After some initial planning and then more planning and much discussion via emails and IMs, it now appears that I'm going to get the chance to not only visit another beach in Rhode Island this year but also spend a week at a house right on the beach in Matunuck. That's the place in the picture above - doesn't it look nice? It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a beautiful deck overlooking the ocean, and all the comforts of home minus sheets and pillowcases and a few other things that are easily brought along. It has room for eight people and comes complete with eight lawn chairs for sitting out on that lovely deck and sipping a cocktail or two while someone else grills up some steaks on the barbecue grill that's provided.

Sounds just perfect, doesn't it? Yes! Yes it does and what makes it even more perfect is that I'm going to be spending the week after my 50th birthday right there on the beach with some of the best friends a gal can make via the Internet - Morgen @ It's a Blog Eat Blog World, Callie Ann @ Scrappin' With Life, Kai @ The Buzz Queen, Mags @ Ms. Maggie Moo Talks 2 U, and my very favorite cheeky blogger from across the pond - Claire @ A Little Piece of Me. I have to tell you that I am totally psyched for this vacation and can't wait until September even though that seems like I'm rushing headlong even faster to hitting that half century mark that so many of us dread.

Okay, so I bet you're wondering right now how on earth it is that someone from Connecticut has managed to hook up with a Canadian, a Brit, an Oregonian, and a Michiganite along with a former fellow Nutmegger to plan a week on the beach in Rhode Island of all places, aren't you? Well, we've decided to blame this one squarely on Mo and The Mo Show as that's how we all seemed to hook up. During after-show IM sessions, we were all bemoaning the fact that we needed a vacation, that we'd all like to meet, and that it would be cool to do something BIG for my 50th birthday and somehow we ended up planning a week at one of the most relaxing places we could think of. You've got to admit, that deck does look relaxing, doesn't it?

As most of you know, Mags and Mo and I all got together last September when Mo took the train down from Michigan to spend a weekend exploring bits of Connecticut and Rhode Island and we had a GREAT time! The three of us know what to expect from each other but as for the other three - Callie Ann, Claire, and Kai - we only know each other via the pages of our blogs and IMs and emails but getting to know each other is going to be half the fun of this trip. Mags has promised to create some fantastic meals for us, Claire wants to go exploring the countryside, Callie Ann has a marvelous sense of humor, Kai can bring some moose steaks and tales of the Canadian wilds, Morgen is just one of the nicest guys ever, and me - well, I'm not sure what I offer to the mix but I'll try to think of something by September!

With sunsets like this one, how can this not be a fantastic trip and week well spent away from the stress and pressure of 911 calls and medical emergencies? What better way to spend the week after my 50th birthday? I can't think of one and I'm sure that we'll all have tales to tell - though now that I think about it, I don't believe the house has an internet connection. Oops!

So, how many of you are jealous and wish you were going, too??


  1. What the hell do you mean you don't know what you offer to the mix?
    How about great conversation, lots of laughs, and an EFFING fabulous historical guide!
    Oh, I cannot wait!


  2. What? You think I'm getting off that deck to offer historical tours of the area? Are you crazed?? Well ... maybe ... I'll think about it ... after all, Newport and the mansions aren't far away at all.

  3. I wish I was coming :(

    Oh yeah! I BLOODY AM! woo hoo :)

  4. yep, i am jealous, we never get to go to nice places, i can see why you are wishing for the big 50

  5. wonderful news!!! so happy for all of you and wish i was there too!

    smiles, bee

  6. "...while someone else is grilling steaks..."

    And WHO do you think's gonna do that?!!!??

    :) Oh! Yay for beach housesand friends!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wow! That sounds like a marvelous trip. Theres a little bit of sunshine waiting for you on my blog as well.

  8. Anonymous12:17 AM EDT

    Um, yeah I'm jealous! Can I live vicariously through you? Considering it'll be many, many years before I get to do anything like that...oh well.
    Do have fun!

  9. Anonymous1:08 AM EDT

    Ummm hello? Canadians bring the BEER, not moose meat!

    (Well, we have that too, but beer is tastier - hehe)

    Whoo Hoo!! Can't wait!

  10. You can count me in among the numbers of those who are now and will still be come September, jealous as Hell of all of you! Sure you can't squeeze in one more blogger for a night or two?

  11. Anonymous3:41 AM EDT

    wow. breath taking view!

  12. Jealous - that I am! What a wonderful idea - wish I could go too!
    I will need a full report of fun that you had when you come back. :o)

  13. Anonymous11:46 AM EDT

    That sounds like total fun... got room for an airstream?


    I can't wait to read all about it. Oh, I'd give my right ovary to be a fly on the wall...

    Put a countdown widget on the blog to so we can anticipate the trip like you!!!


  14. What a great 50th birthday bash you're going to have. You get to have a fabulous time and we get to hear all about it - I hope! :)

  15. I am (jealous that is...)

    I am also afraid I may feel the Murphy's Law "911 ripple effect" all the way over here!

    So, it will be you I can thank when you get back then?

  16. I am soooo jealous. I love the beach more than anything. And with blogging friends? PERFECT.

  17. You got it girlie... I am sooooooooo very jealous... looks absolutely beautiful...

    And that sunset.... OH. MY!!!


  18. I'm REALLY jealous. Having a vacation and meeting bloggers...what else is better?

    It looks a super place.

  19. Oh wow, I'm jealous too! It's a perfect time of year.

    Yes, Jealous with a capital J.

    Sounds wonderful. ;-)

    Ralph and I would love to meet a blog friend or two someday!

  20. Anonymous1:42 AM EDT

    I. Am. So. Happy. For. You. :-)

    I know you'll have a great time!

  21. Anonymous10:10 PM EDT

    Jealous...yup, that's me!



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