Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday To You, Our Sweet Maggie Moo!

One of the very nicest people not only in the Blogosphere and on the East Coast of the United States but in the entire world is having a birthday today so I thought I'd bake her a cake in honor of the occasion!

personalized greetings

A very happy birthday, Ms. Maggie Moo, and best wishes for many, many more! May today be as special as you are! I just wish I lived closer so we could go out for a drink or two but we'll just have to make arrangements to do that another time, right?!?

If anyone would like to go over and leave her some birthday wishes, I'm sure Mags would be tickled to pieces so what are you waiting for? Click here and go forth and comment!


  1. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Mags,
    Happy Birthday to you. :)

  2. Love that video. Who knew it was so easy to mail cakes?

  3. Anonymous11:02 AM EDT

    happy happy birthday :)

  4. Anonymous11:04 AM EDT

    happy birthday.......and just loved that video...

  5. Oh my-that is quite the cake! I never got it though...I think my mailman smelled the yumminess and stole it!!!! :)

    Thanks for the nice words Linda Loo...but that picture-that picture is horrid!!! LOL!!

    (Thank you)

  6. Darn your mailman!

    And no - that picture is not horrid! You have the most beautiful smile ever! Just remember we are our own worst critic when it comes to pictures of ourselves; I'm sure everyone else thinks you look great just like I do!

  7. I love the cake you baked for Mags :o) Happy Birthday, Maggie Moo!

  8. I love that picture of Mags - she's so radiantly beautiful!
    And the video made me LOL!

  9. i also love that photo of mags!!! our little b/d girl is all grown up!

    smiles, bee

  10. Happy Birthday to Mags!

  11. Mags is one of those fortunate people who always looks beautiful! Her heart shines inside and radiates to her countenance! Besides all that, she's a good egg, too!

  12. Happy Birthday (belatedly) to Mags.

    It's a lovely photo, and her inner beauty shines through! You can tell her that for me, Linda!

  13. Couple days late, but Happy Birthday to Mags!! And I think the pic is very cute, as Linda can back me up, with all the comments I've left on her blog, in the past complimenting you....LOL

    Miss ya Linda!!


  14. Anonymous1:23 AM EDT

    I love this picture of her. She is just so beautiful isn't she?! I hope she had a great day. :)


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