Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer

You know how sometimes when you sit down to write a blog post and you just have absolutely no clue what you're going to write about so you end up staring at the blinking (or not) cursor for a little while hoping that a light bulb will click on and a great post will come to you out of the blue? Maybe you check the clock on the wall or pull out your pocket watch and check the time wondering how much longer it's going to be before a brilliant idea hits you? Maybe you despair of a brilliant idea ever actually happening and think you're just going to have to give up completely and leave the same post up for several days in a row? Maybe sometimes a really terrific idea finally does materialize and other times ... well ... other times maybe you end up asking your 16-year old for help? Or is that all just me?

That was definitely just me as I sat in front of the computer for way too long trying to think of a good question for this post and kept coming up blank! Apparently my mind has gone into creative shut-down or took off on vacation without me or something so I asked Amanda what she thought a good question might be. She thought about it for a couple of minutes, seemed to mentally toss out a question or two, and finally suggested -

Are you prepared for a zombie outbreak or are you just going to wing it?

I looked at her like she had completely lost her mind but she insisted that she wanted to know what people's answer to that question would be. "Come on, Mom! There are people who read your blog that have a sense of humor, right?" Uhm, sure, yes, absolutely! Alright ...

She tells me that the question is posted over on LiveJournal so apparently other people want to know this very same thing. Really know? Would'a thunk it? I never really thought we were in danger of a zombie outbreak but what do I know? I don't watch the news very often unless I want to catch the weather!

Personally I think I'm just going to wing it myself as I'm not sure what one does to prepare for a zombie outbreak but no doubt Amanda could tell me exactly what it is we would need. That's how she rolls. Strange on all four tires!

Now how about you guys? Inquiring teenage minds wanna know!


  1. Anonymous7:14 AM EDT

    Hubby and I are both going to wing it... And, yes, I DID ask him!

  2. I've got a stockpile of holy water and wooden stakes, silver bullets have been ordered from Cabela's. Oh, wait that's for vampires. Nope, not sure I am prepared for zombies.

    Maybe next week.


  3. Excellent question.

    I am afraid I am woefully unprepared. All of my old records are at my parents' house, I don't own a cricket bat, and none of the local bars keep shotguns on display.

    There is a Meijer down the road a bit though, so I think if I could make it there, I'd be all right.

  4. Anonymous8:31 AM EDT

    Lol, nice one.

    I suppose I could be called prepared, though not on purpose.

    We have a pop-up camper trailer with all our camping supplies in it already. Hitch it to the minivan, grab a cooler, raid the fridge and cupboards, and we would be good to go for outrunning zombies =P

    It also would not hurt that I am a hunter and as such have a safe with a few firearms in it =)

    Thanks for the question, I will be bouncing this one off the folks at work this morning for laughs.

  5. I did not know about the possible zombie outbreak either. I guess I'm going to just wing it :o)
    What Star says: I'm also ready for the vampires - got a wooden cross & garlic :o)

  6. Zombies, I thought those were only on the old show Creature Features. Remember that show Linda, You should have watched it on Friday nights when you lived in California when we were little.

    Okay I must confess I didn't know we were on the verge of a Zombie break out.... let's see. I would lock myself in the house and have a giant sawed off shot gun and blow them to smitherings. Yep, that would be what I would do.

    I had a horrid dream last night that I was attacked by a damn alligator. I won so I think I am ready for the Zombies... Although I would be scared shitless. Thanks for the question guys. That was fun!

  7. Hi, Linda. I'm over here from Asara's. I was staying at a friend's house some time ago, and we had this very discussion. Mostly, we argued over who would take his katana, and who would take his broadsword. Being somewhat burlier than he is, I ended up with the broadsword.

  8. I'm just going to wing it too. I doubt I would be able to tell a zombie anyway. Don't they kind of act like most teenagers anyway? Nope, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Have a great day Linda. Big hug. :)

  9. I am definitely not prepared for a zombie outbreak. I don't even know what a zombie outbreak is. More importantly...
    If a zombie outbreaks alone in the forest will anyone hear it?
    I'll get back to you on that.

  10. I'm thinking maybe I have already been hit by a Zombie outbreak since I frequently have issues of being totally braindead when I try to write a post! And dealing with one particular company, names will not be included here but you probably know which one, that I do some paid stuff for, I think they are the Zombies and have been plaguing me each time I try to select a paying post! I know, good luck with that endeavor, right?

  11. I went to the supermarket to get my anti-zombie gear. They told be they were sold out, but a new stock will be coming in next week. I mmediately put my name down for all the equipment.

    I reckon I'll be fine unless we get a zombie outbrerak before next Wednesday.

  12. Since I forgot to read the informational brochure, left on my front door knob, on preparing for a zombie outbreak, I'm thinking that my earthquake preparedness will carry me through. If not, then I guess winging it will be the order of the day.

  13. is a zombie a real thing? if so, i am going to bake a cake to have on hand in case they are hungry and if they aren't, well, then i'll eat it myself...

    smiles, bee

  14. I loved the Zombies! Rod Argent and the band sang "She's not there" & "Tell Her No" and "Time of the Season" and I am not making sense...

  15. If it happens in the next couple of days, I'll have to wing it. But now that you've planted the seed, I'll have to add some zombie preparations to my disaster plan and kit.

  16. You mean 'zombies' as the type in that camp filmed around Pittsburgh horror flick 'Night of the Living Dead'?

    Or the half brain dead 'zombies' you met at work, Social Security, on the road, etc.

    The real vs the usual zombies?

  17. You have all just cracked me up completely with your fantastic answers to this question! Even Amanda is impressed so you should all pat yourselves on the back for having impressed a rather un-impressionable 16-year old!

    And Ralph, good question! I'm not sure which zombies Amanda meant but not having had the chance to join the workforce yet, I'm thinking she meant the traditional zombies of film-fare and horror story variety!

    I'm sure she'll meet the other kind eventually, though, and then she'll really be scared!

    Bud - you totally made me smile with your answer as I had forgotten all about the Zombies and those great songs! If those guys want to have an outbreak then I'm definitely prepared and ready to listen!

  18. Anonymous10:09 PM EDT

    There's a recent book out about the very thing. I believe it's called something like "The Survival Guide to Zombies" or something.

  19. Hmmm.... I think I've seen Night Of The Living Dead enough to be prepared.
    I'd just throw my weaker neighbors at them, so the zombies could eat their brains while I rain like hell.

  20. Amanda, what a mind! I've been exposed to zombies all my life, having worked with with public. You just cannot escape them.
    ```Actually, I saw an ad for a documentary on one of the channels like Nat Geo where a guy went to the area where the pseudo religion started. I didn't watch it but I wonder what happened to the reporter? Maybe he's wandering amongst us, waiting...

  21. Linda, I can't add anything pithy, what with 19 folks ahead of me here.

    I didn't figure on ever needing to be ready for a zombie outbreak. Is this something I should be concerning myself with?

    What would they do to us mere mortals? Eat us alive? Maybe Bee has the right idea: bake them a cake and keep them happy. I'll put the coffeemaker on too.

    So tell Amanda I guess I'm just going to wing it.

  22. Outbreak? You mean more are coming? EEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!

    Grab towel, babblefish, and book with "Don't Panic" on the cover.

    Okay. I'm set.

  23. Anonymous11:34 PM EDT

    I'll use the government disaster plan. We have lots of duck tape ready for such times as these. And lots of bleach too.

  24. The comments made me laugh as much as the post did. I love your blog.

  25. Anonymous1:20 AM EDT

    We have lots of guns here that hubby uses for hunting. Do they work on Zombies? Some movies they will and some they won't. The only bad thing is that I don't know how to use them. *sigh* So, I guess I am just going to wing it. The kids and I will be hiding in the closet while hubby fires 'em off.



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