Thursday, July 3, 2008

I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer

Here in America one of the biggest holiday weekends of the year is almost upon us - the Fourth of July. Just the name alone conjures up the thought of BBQs, parades, fireworks, and camp-outs. Chances are good that most people have plans of one sort or another so today's question is:

How are you spending the Fourth of July?


  1. grandchildren, granddogs, hot dogs, apple pies, parades, fireworks, need i say more?? ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  2. low key....the girls are in Mexico...the folks in the Delta...

    no fireworks because of fire danger....going to the beach boardwalk to see the band "rare earth" remember them?

    happy independence day my friend!

  3. Probably the same way I spend everyday, on the computer blogging :).
    Seriously, it's been so hot and dry here for months that fireworks are just plain out of the question, the city is banning them, now the weather has cooled down some into the low 90's and it's mostly overcast and periodic sprinkles.........staying indoors.
    The 4th of July is like any other day, I celebrate my freedom every single day.

  4. Going to the 'rents house to hopefully play in the pool with Rye Bread (if it doesn't rain). Then off to the beach until Wednesday! :)

  5. Going to a couple of BBQs (Fri&Sat), watching fireworks, and building the fence *sigh*
    What are you doing, Linda???
    Whatever it is - have yourself a wonderful holiday weekend!

  6. Anonymous2:24 PM EDT

    I kind of had plans to take a trip up to a mall then going to TGI Fridays for lunch/dinner. Totally forgot about the holiday when I made the plans and have no clue whether or not they are still gonna happen.

  7. Right now, darned if I know what is on the agenda for tomorrow -if anything! Mandy has been thinking about going over to Penn State for their big Fireworks event but hasn't said anything definite as yet about that. Plus, a cousin of mine is here now till Sunday (from Birmingham, ALA) but the main reason she and her husband are here -to have a Memorial Service on Saturday for her Mom who passed away back in February.
    I'm waiting to hear from her -hopefully soon -see if they want to come here for supper today or maybe do something tomorrow, depending on how many of her immediate family is arriving and when. I hate waiting, not knowing what others want to do, etc. Oh well. It's not THAT big an issue and I can be flexible. Keep telling myself that anyway!
    Have a Great 4th! And if you're in central Penna, trust me the 4th of July celebration at State College/University Park/Penn State is one of the biggest and best in the country, so come on out and join the fun there!

  8. Well, Let's see I was invited to go camping with the MIL... not gonna do that. I was invited by the husband to go racing for 2 days spending the night with the dirt and no showers... not gonna do that.

    But, I am gonna do this. Stay at home, watch my grand-daughter for 2 nights while her mom and jack go camping. I will blog, clean house?? play with baby b. Figure out what things I need for september and probably go to my Parent's house sometime during the weekend. I am excited just to have 3 days off...

  9. Fireworks. Definitely fireworks.

  10. Tomorrow Allegra's U-of-H boyfriend is arriving from NY for a couple of days. We will charcoal grill lime marinated chicken and grilled Portuguese bread (the parents are trying to impress it seems.

    Saturday all of us and Patti's mom are going to my sister's in East Hartford for food and camaraderie and fireworks. We view the 'works at a church near her house and avoid the traffic.

    Sunday we relax. Gotta impress the boyfriend first!

  11. At the beach of course. Hollywood beach.

  12. We're spending a couple of days with friends. We'll have game night on the 4th, probably watching Pop Goes the 4th if we can find it. And then Saturday we'll have a bbq.

  13. The beach sounds like a great idea, however, I am going to "Clean House" here at home.

    I spend to much time on my computer :)

  14. Anonymous9:59 AM EDT

    Right now I'm drinkin' coffee and dropping ECs while the family snoozes. But, we will go out to the in-laws this evening for some food and fireworks.

    Have a lovely holiday, Linda!

  15. What Ralph said.

    It's Friday afternoon and pouring here. Boo hoo


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