Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Creative Photography Contest

After being somewhat dismayed, confused, baffled by last week's Creative Photography Contest winner (how did he do that??), I wasn't sure what on earth I was going to come up with for this week myself.  People submit some really outstanding photographs for the contest and as far as photography goes, I am definitely still at rookie status!  Still, I enjoy joining in every week to not only look at everyone's great photos but to get some valuable feedback regarding my own photography skills - or lack thereof! - to see where I can improve.

After looking through my files for a potentially good Creative Photography Contest submission, I decided to play with the  picture below that I took last Thursday evening while coming home from the airport after dropping Jamie off.  Yes, it's those sunflowers again that I've been posting pictures of all week but you can't tell that - yet! 


After playing around with the picture a bit using Picasa2, this is what I finally came up with! See!  There are sunflowers in all that darkness!

Flowers in a fileld

I rather like the way it came out as it almost has tones of a painting rather than a picture.  The light that you see glowing on the left side was from  the headlights of an oncoming car which I think adds to the picture.  Of course, it's my picture and I'm partial to it but still ... I think it's pretty cool! What do you guys think?

To see what other people are submitting this week, be sure to go over to Roger's Creative Photography blog and check out the linkies for Contest #8.  Good luck to everyone playing this week and thanks, Roger, for hosting this!


  1. You should place this in some exhibit.

    It could be titled "The Sunflowers of the Ocean State" or "Miles from Norwich".

    The sunflowers add a sort of rays of sun on a cloudy day. A fine shot!

  2. Anonymous8:45 PM EDT

    Pretty sunflowers...so shiny and happy!

  3. that is pretty amazing and pretty and amazing!!!

    smiles, bee

  4. Wow Linda this photograph rocks. I think you may have a winner. Just saying. Have a great day. :)

  5. Holy S*^%. If this photo doesn't win, I'd protest-seriously, that is outstanding!!!! Is Ralph the guy I need to speak to about getting you to win?

    I'm serious-holy COW Linda. Fantastic!!!

  6. That's neat! Good job.

  7. This is a fabulous photo! I love how you lit up the picture and the glow of the headlites!

  8. Anonymous11:02 PM EDT

    Wow, these are amazing photos Linda. I'm not sure I can choose a favorite! (my fingers are crossed for you this go around)

  9. I totally dig that bottom picture. I just love it. Wow

  10. Linda - you really have the eye of an artist! Not surprising, considering Amanda!
    This photo has such a feeling of peace to me. It's colorful yet soft. I just love it....

  11. This a great shot. Doing a reverse light like that, totally amazing. I would have never thought of that. Good Luck.

    This has been fun.



  12. Duchess Linda, this photo is fantastic!

    I love how you turned night into day and made it look like a surreal painting. Beautiful work.

    And the glow of the headlights adds an air of mystery.

    Good luck in Roger's contest ~

  13. I really like it Linda. Nice touch with the almost painting look.
    I have to check that Picasa thingy :o)

  14. That's amazing that you got such great colors when reversing the picture - it's beautiful yet surreal at the same time.
    Congrats! (You're already a winner in my book!)

  15. You're really good at this Linda, love the sunflowers. :)

  16. I just recently started using Picasa also, Photoshop was making my head explode

    I think the oncoming headlights absolutely add something to an amazing creation.

    As I travel through everyone's entries I'm sorry I didn't come up with anything this week - I got bogged down in work. I hate how work interferes with blogging ;)

  17. Nice work, I love both images. Thanks for your Creative Photography submission! :)

    I have a flickr group called Second Shotz, it's all about editing photos, you should come by sometime. :)

  18. Oh that is nice .. good luck!


  19. Very, very cool that you lit up the darkness with those sunflowers. Really well done!


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