Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer

Ah, August ... the last month of summer. That time of year when kids starting thinking about going back to school, when people start trying to fit in that final summer vacation, when you really notice the days starting to become shorter, and when my allergies start causing me grief!

Yep, it's time for the attack of the dreaded ambrosia artemisiifolia - otherwise known as common ragweed - the most dreaded of all allergens as far as I'm concerned. Common ragweed is highly allergenic, generally considered the greatest allergen of all pollens, and the prime cause of hay fever in North America probably due to the fact that each plant reportedly produces about a billion grains of pollen over the course of its life. Yep, I said a billion!

Even without a calendar I would know that it's August because it's during that month every year that those billions of grains of pollen are born by the wind directly into my nose, eyes, and throat giving me a runny nose, itchy eyes, crud in the back of my throat, and fits of sneezing that I have no other time of the year. Of course, looking at a picture of those lovely little pollen balls it's no wonder I sneeze with billions of those things floating around!

Some people have Spring allergies, I have Fall allergies so for the next few months I'll be a regular customer at the local CVS or Walgreens buying up boxes of over-the-counter allergy medications as well as tissues to help me make it through until we get a cold snap and the dreaded common ragweed is once again put down for the season. As much as I love autumn, it doesn't seem to love me back - at least not when it comes to allergies!

And that finally brings us to the question for this post! How about you? ...

Do you suffer from allergies at all?

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go pop some Alavert and grab some tissues before heading out for the day! And if that was you I just heard sneezing then bless you!


  1. Yup, I have allergies. Lots of them. But the older I get, the better they get. Isn't that cool? In my early 20's I went to the allergist for regular shots for a few years. That was back when Benadryl was Rx only. Then I found Actifed, which worked wonderfuly for me. Then I tried some Rx ones, which I hated because of side effects. I'm back to my faithful friend Actifed, but it's harder to find now. Fortunately, I need it less and less.

    I hope you find something that dries you up better!

  2. It must be hell for you honey! Thankfully I don't suffer from hay fever, the only allergy I have is to metal so I have to be careful what type of jewellery I wear - only expensive stuff (well that's what I tell MWM anyway)!

  3. Anonymous6:58 AM EDT

    I do have allergies. I've never been tested to find out what, but mine are mostly in the spring. My son has them terribly bad, the poor little guy. It's horrible. :(

    I hope you can keep yours under control.

  4. yes but I haven't figured out what they are down here yet.

    Claritan Flonase and benedryl..I should own stock

  5. Oh yes ma'am. I am extremely sensitive to dust mites, as well as a host of pollens, molds, and dander from cats AND dogs.

    Thankfully I've had my cat long enough that, so long as I don't pet him and then rub my eyes or something, it doesn't bother me so much. But I have to take a Benadryl or something before I go visit other people who have cats, otherwise I'm miserable within an hour.

  6. No allergies here :o)

  7. Anonymous8:47 AM EDT

    I don't think I suffer from allergies-but I HAVE noticed I've been sneezing a lot more than usual. Perhaps I am allergic to something in the air.

  8. FYI the little girl with crooked teeth sang the song as the Chinese flag was carried into the opening ceremonies, the cute one lip sync. the singer was not cute enough.

  9. talked to sarge's dr. yesterday. he is suffering so with it. she said three words: saline nose spray.

    99 cents in cvs and use it twice a day.

    smiles, bee

  10. Yep,
    I am allergic to the straw in the fields and that is what I do for a living. If I am in that field to long I get a good headache going and my sinus's ache.... then of course I am allergic to kitty kat's. Makes my face swell up, eye's shut, I look like a regular monster..

  11. Sadly, yes. I never did before though. I hate how things just "develop" over the years.

    Stupid time.

  12. Yep...I'm an allergy sufferer too although mine seem to have come with age. I always thought you grew out of allergies but I'm discovering the reverse...I'm growing into mine as the years go by. I have to stay far away from a number of sweet smelling flowers (jasmine, gardenia etc) and perfumes and then there's the growing list of medications which are off limits to me. Sigh...

  13. Yes, to cats and I so love cats. It's just not fair at all. :)

  14. Yep have them spring, summer, winter and I take Singulair for the asthma and allergies, does wonders. My son who just has the ragweed allergy they gave a nasl spray called nasacort.
    I know it is a pain.

  15. I always sneeze in the morning, no matter what time of the year it is!

  16. Ragweed, but you have a picture depicting goldenrod, which is often blamed for allergies because the two plants bloom at the same time. Ragweed has nondescript flowers that produce the nasty prickly irritating pollen. Goldenrod has beautiful flowers that fill fields with their yellow bounty and attract plenty of beneficial insects, and yet produce rounder, non-irritating pollen.
    Not that you asked.
    Oh, and yes, I get seasonal allergies.

  17. Hi Linda,

    I feel sorry for you if you are bothered with ragweed and other allergies. I can relate to that, but I am happen to report that I don't have much trouble with that in the Spring not in the Fall of the year whereas I used to have a terrible time. So, maybe you will out grow your allergies, too, one of these days.

  18. I am with mags. I have some mild spring allergies but not to the extend that you do. Take care and remember your pills!

  19. what's this spring allergies/fall allergies stuff???

    I have ALLERGIES. anytime all the time...

    my kids all have them too.

    Singulair to the rescue.

  20. Anonymous1:44 AM EDT

    Nope, no allergies at all in our family (knocking on wood).

    I feel for ya though - many of my friends struggle with their allergies, and it certainly doesn't look like much fun at all!

  21. much so that I don't eat anything that grows in water besides rice and cranberries...

  22. Hmmm....allergies yes slightly as I've gotten a little older but not too bad. Sounds miserable for you. Sorry to hear that. Take care.

  23. I used to get hay fever, but it's been many years since I had my last bout. I do sometimes get gunky eyes.

  24. Anonymous11:26 PM EDT

    This is an easy one for me. What don't I have? LOL. I am allergic to mold but I'm doing very well and haven't had many problems, thank goodness!

  25. Sorry I haven't visited since Tuesday. Extra work and tiredness from same kept me away from the blogosphere for a few days this week.

    I'm sorry to read about your allergy suffering, Duchess Linda. How unbecoming royalty, I daresay. All that sneezing and watery eyes and tissues and all.


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