Saturday, August 30, 2008

Left Alone With the Lizards

Remember the other day when I wrote that Amanda was home from New Jersey?  Well, she's gone again!  This time she's off to spend the weekend over at Jason & Amy's to catch up with her friend Cate whom she hasn't seen in over a month.  I rather thought she'd be going over there this weekend as the last time I had seen Cate she had asked when Amanda was going to be home as she was bored and wanted to see her so I knew a get-together was inevitable.

I figure that she may as well go and have a good time with Cate as I'm working overtime again tonight followed by my usual Sunday evening shift and double shift on Monday and will be gone a lot; there's really no sense in Amanda having to sit around the house by herself all weekend. Plus it means I can put off a trip to the grocery store for at least a few more days - yay! However, it also means that I get to take care of the lizards while she's gone - not yay!  Supposedly it's easy - just spray them down twice a day with the mister and make sure they have some worms and dried crickets to dine on.  Ugh!   Oh well, they're kind of cute in a lizardry sort of way and I do like the way they change colors all the time.  As far as pets go, I think I can deal with these two.

Anyway, I guess it's back to enjoying a little bit of piece and quiet for me for a few more days, or at least for the little amount of time I'm not at work!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend no matter what you end up doing!


  1. I must be a freak. I like lizards and garden spiders! I wanted an iguana but hubman put his foot down. I read all these posts by women regarding critters and I guess I'm just "different." I also like pet rats. We had one when the kids were younger. He was tons smarter than the hamsters and he loved to cuddle with me. Most people get the willies about stuff like that. I guess I don't have enough estrogen or something...

  2. Leapin' lizards!
    I said it again didn't I?

    Just as long as they don't turn out to be Mr. and Mrs. Lizard and you have a bunch of baby lizzies running around your house.
    I wouldn't mind getting misted twice a day. Sounds lovely.

    We're off to bring our 6'3" baby to college this morning. Sniff.

  3. Why is it when kids get pets it's always Mum that ends up looking after them????

    Have a great weekend catching worms and crickets for the lizards!

  4. Lizard care is a highly responsible position. I'm surprised that she had enough confidence in your skills to delegate. There again a couple of lizards as houseguests could be tricky depending upon the strength of their friendship. [Amanda and Cate rather than Amanda and the lizards]

    Should I be sad that you have failed to name the lizards? Maybe you don't know their names? Ah.....of are respecting their anonymity.

  5. She is busy...hope you like lizards, Linda!

  6. personally i'd mix up the water spray bottle with the exterminator spray, but that's just me. see i have an imaginary pet spider in my house and lizards eat spiders! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  7. nothing wrong with a little peace and quiet.

  8. So this is what it has come down to. Misting lizards? And you are still working too hard. I worry about you. Someone has to. Might as well be me.

  9. Well, if Amanda comes home from the weekend and you have a nice new pair of lizard skin shoes...

  10. Here I come back from a self imposed hiatus from computer land and find you stuck with lizards. Shame they aren't crocodiles. Mo's idea sounds highly profitable.

    Nine days until you have been on earth for half a century. How about that!

  11. Lizards! Call Daisy the Curly Cat. She'll save you!

  12. Anonymous11:01 PM EDT

    Oh gosh feeding them worms and dried crickets! I can handle the lizards (from a distance) but not feeding and misting them. Yuck!

  13. seems to me you got the dirty end of that stick!

  14. Anonymous2:49 PM EDT

    Ewwwww...lizards. They so creep me out!


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