Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Creative Photography Contest

With barely a day to spare as the contest list closes on Wednesday afternoon, I have finally come up with an entry for Roger's Creative Photography Contest #9!

With Amanda away in New Jersey at Darci's, you would think I'd have more time to spend on the computer but such is not the case as I have picked up some extra hours at work this week covering for people who are on vacation and the like so my time at home and on the computer has been somewhat limited. That didn't give me a lot of time to pick a photo for this week's contest but after some debate I decided on the following picture that I took this past Saturday night after spending a lovely afternoon/evening with Patti, Ralph, and their lovely daughter, the Lady A.

Reflections on the Thames

After parting company, I decided to head down to Eastern Point Beach which overlooks the Thames River where it meets the Long Island Sound in Groton, Connecticut. It was getting close to 9:30 at that point and I wanted to try my hand at some more night photography. This picture shows the light from the New London Harbor Lighthouse reflecting on the Thames River across to where I was standing on the rocks at Eastern Point. If you look closely you can even see some of the stars that had come out in the night sky. It was a beautiful night out and I think this picture reflects that.

I've really taken a liking to going out into the dark to see what my camera can capture but I guess if I'm going to be doing a lot more skulking around in the shadows, perhaps I should think about taking someone along with me - just in case. Even though I was a police dispatcher for years and know that there are some pretty undesirable people out there walking around, I tend to forget that sometimes and think of nothing of going out poking around by myself in the dark. Not too smart I suppose but I do enjoy the peace and quiet of just myself, my camera, and the night sky.

Anyway, all that aside, to see what other people entered into this week's Creative Photography contest, go by Roger's Creative Photography blog and check out the links - I'm sure you'll find some amazing pictures to ooh and aah over. I know I always do!


  1. I was waiting for the search light to do it's 360. Awesome Linda. Good luck. Big hug. :)

  2. A glorious picture and a great post to go with it.
    Yeah, be careful out there in the dark - you need to be in one piece for September!!!

  3. you are really getting good with the photos linda!!!

    smiles, bee

  4. Yes in deed I am in your neck of the woods but in Coventry. Not only that I am turning 50 on the 30th of Aug.

  5. very nice photo Miss Linda

  6. I wouldn't venture out by myself at night! The photo is just spectacular. I don't have any entry this week, but I'd vote for this lovely, serene scene!

  7. Nice shot. Thanks for your lovely comments on my photo. Good luck this week! :D

  8. I love your nighttime photos, Duchess Linda. Do be careful out there alone at night.

    Good luck in Roger's contest.

  9. Anonymous9:54 PM EDT

    Finally... had problems getting the comment box up. Got funky interenet connection here.

    That's a great photo. I love the reflections on the water....

  10. Beautiful Linda! I love that shot and the radiants glare from the light tower!

    Thats so cool that you got together Patti Ralph and there daughter.

    Thank you for your Creative Photography submission.

  11. Wonderful photo. It looks kind of like a painting to me. I love the composition and the subtle color in the sky. Lovely.

  12. It looks very beautiful !

  13. Anonymous3:14 AM EDT

    You have a Thames river over there? Give it back, it belongs to us!

    Lovely photograph though

  14. I always find it odd to read about a River Thames over there! I hope it's cleaner than ours! Lovely photograph Linda.

  15. Anonymous6:59 AM EDT

    It is beautiful, Linda! My fingers are crossed for you.

  16. Wonderful that this was taken just after a blogger meet up ... nice!

    Good luck!


  17. Oh so peaceful! I can't believe you got some stars in there, too. B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.

  18. I thought the tiramisu was the desert on Saturday, but these shots at Avery Point are almost sweeter than that!

    The beacon emanating from the lighthouse is amazing. The lighthouse and beacon are illuminating the water/sky very well.

    I never pictured you as a skulker!

  19. You have a natural knack for capturing light in the most wonderful ways! Last week it was the car headlights, this week the amazing beacon.

    I also love the little glow off to the lower right.

    I travel about alone at night - I carry with me my cell and my Brooklyn attitude ;)

  20. Anonymous3:55 PM EDT

    i really love how the skies turned out in this pic, not to forget the stars. great catch on this one!

  21. Absolutely beautiful, Linda. Thanks so much for sharing - and for the kind comments on my entry. :)
    Have a wonderful day - BE BLESSED!!!!

  22. Anonymous7:46 AM EDT

    Oh, Linda... I ♥ your entry.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to win.

  23. Nicely done Linda...good luck

  24. This is one of your best shots ever. Lovely.

    I'm slowly visiting a few blogs tonight and getting back into the swing VERY slowly. Your pics are always delightful.

  25. Anonymous10:56 AM EDT

    It's beautiful shot! love it.
    Thanks for the comment on my CP!


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