Thursday, August 21, 2008

I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer

I really wasn't planning on watching much - if any - of the Olympics as I very rarely turn the TV on at home except when I want to check the weather or watch a recorded episode of "The Closer", but somehow I found myself getting sucked into the Games and turning the TV on more than I have in the past six months to catch an event here and there.

Gymnastics, swimming, track and field, and even the occasional beach volleyball match caught my attention. Which brings me to a question but not THE question of this post ... why do the women wear skimpy bikinis while the guys wear long shorts and t-shirts? What is up with that? The men get eye-candy and we women get nothin'? That is so NOT fair!

I watched in admiration while Michael Phelps won his gold medals wondering all the while if Mark Spitz was sitting at home watching the TV while drinking a beer and thinking "well, it was a good run"; I got a lump in my throat as I watched the Chinese Men's Gymnastics Team hold hands in unity before their Gold Medal Ceremony; and I held my breath each time a diver came too close to the springboard narrowly missing splitting his or her head open like Greg Louganis in the 1988 Olympics.

I have studiously avoided paying any attention to the Medal Count as I just don't think that's what the Games are supposed to be about. The whole "my country is better than your country" aspect of that really puts me off. All of these athletes are superb no matter what country they come from and where they call home.

So, after all that, we finally get to the real question of this post and that's -

Did you watch the Olympics or did you do a better job of avoiding them than I did?


  1. Anonymous8:40 AM EDT

    I haven't watched it at all... China doesn't impress me. Not a big sports fan, either.

  2. Oh Linda, you went back to the old comment form :o) Yay!
    I'm completely sucked in. Somebody help me! I missed first 15 minutes of Project Runway last night as I was watching diving and forgot about time...

  3. I didn't avoid them on purpose.... as a matter of fact I would have liked to watch quite a bit more... however life has just been too busy! At home it's always Blue's Clues and Dora on the tube and when I finally do get the TV to myself in the evening I usually take the couple precious hours of alone time to get chores around the house done until I at last collapse in bed exhausted!!

  4. Well, I haven't been a very good watcher of the Olympics. Seems I am more of an internet idiot...blogs, blogs, blogs....

  5. I've only watched at work as it's all anyone has on....

    but I hate it. I really do.

    Why are we "shocked, just shocked" (name that movie) that CHINA of all people cheats???

    The weiner-socks that passed as swimsuits for the men's water soccer or water volleyball or marco polo or whatever that stupid "sport" was appaled me. And PING PONG????!!!! wwoooaahhh, run Forrest run. And I couldn't care less about whats-his-name, ok, he's a really really fast swimmer, but COME ON...I'm waiting to see what he does next. How're these athletes gonna make a positive difference in the world?? It's just a TT contest to me. "we're better than you" but then I've never been one for athletics anyway. Especially not indivdual athletics.

    I do, however have a video up today from a previous olympics that I find very inspirational.

    (remember, YOU ASKED!!)

  6. we watched VERY little this time...

    smiles, bee

  7. Oh, by the way, I (stole) did an I've got a question post again today!

  8. I've had the Olympics on while I've been blogging and have really enjoyed the bits I've watched.

  9. I got caught up in watching some of them, probably more than I planned because the format of presentation was not easy to follow.
    PS, Pop by The Cafe there is something waiting for you.

  10. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    I, we, did watch the last relay for the swimmers ... and we, he, watched the divers ... other than that I - we - didnt watch ....


  11. Haven't seen 1 minute of it.

  12. Linda, I watched when others were watching...I had in on in the background when I was doing other things. Just loved Women's Beach Volleyball which the US won BTW! HA!

  13. I haven't watched any of the olympics this year. With Maya wanting to watch her Bratz videos or cartoons, Kurtis enjoys Sesame Street and I flip back and forth usually between the TNT network or A&E then TVLand mostly overnight, not much time left to watch the Olympics and frankly, I forgot about them being on too. I know -bad me.

  14. I tried to watch the ladies beach volleyball. Oddly enough, I can't remember who won.

  15. I watched WAY too much of them. Part of the reason I haven't been sleeping much, actually.

  16. Anonymous8:53 PM EDT

    As always, I get a kick out of your "I've Got A Question, You've Got An Answer" on your blog. In regards to your last question, about watching the Olympics, it just so happens I DO have an answer. I have gotten sucked into a few events while watching either @ home or in the crew lounge downstairs. I do have to say, my favorite event to watch was the Womens' Fencing. Three talented young ladies from the USA brought home the Gold, Silver, AND the Bronze. I took fencing lessons, and pride myself as being pretty darned good as an amateur (if I do say so myself), but I digress...

    Like you, I'm not into the medal count, and I don't really care how old the Chinese gymnasts are, but it is pretty cool to see people compete for love of the game, patriotic pride, and all-around sportsmanship - things sorely missing from professional sports these days. So, to answer your question, I've probably watched about as much or a little more than you thus far. GO USA!

  17. Anonymous10:46 PM EDT

    Nope, haven't watched...who has time with Big Brother, blogging, and preparing for a new baby! *sigh*

  18. I have watched a lot of the competition, which has been outstanding. I enjoy getting a chance to see some of these events that are invisible in non-Olympic years.

    As to your first question, I read some comments from Misty May-Treanor, who won the beach volleyball gold medal with Kerri Walsh. She said that the bikinis afford them more flexibility and comfort, and that players think of them as uniforms and not sexy bathing suits. She also suggested that the guys are required to wear the jersey because of the various name, number, and team identifiers that are needed.

  19. I am with Mo. Didn't watch 1 minute of it, not even the much ballyhooed opening ceremonies.


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