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Comments on Comments

I'm a little bit behind the eight ball this week as I ran out of time to do a post yesterday before work so this week's version of Comments on Comments is running very late today and almost became a Sunday post instead. Oops! So, without any further delay, let's jump into the best comments of last week's posts starting with Sunday's post, A Birthday Wish and An Apology in which I once again apologized for not visiting other blogs as I'd like and also toasted Claire with a cyber-Guinness! Not as good as the real thing for her but it was just going to have to do! My comment of choice for this post is this one from my buddy Erik of The Fire Insider as it just made me laugh so darned much and making me laugh is definitely a good thing! -
Erik said...

Is it me, or does that Guinness look a bit peakid??!! ;)
That must be one for us fair-skinned people...although I like mine caramel brown with a head on it!
Wait, ick! That just sounds wrong!
Happy Birthday Claire!!!!

Thanks, Boukie, for the chuckles and if I embarrassed you a bit here - oh well, you're young - you'll adjust!
Manic Monday - Moon was obviously Monday's post where I wrote about New Moon, the second book in The Twilight Series that I had just finished reading the Sunday previous to writing the post. I also threw in a picture of the full moon I had taken while vacationing in Rhode Island last month. A new visitor to my blog who came over from Marky Mark's Funky Bunch via the linkies at Mo's Manic Monday Meme blog left this comment -
bv said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Twlight series! I recently posted that third trailer that was just released and while I was not excited for the movie (concerned it would ruin things in my mind the way I saw it unfolding) I must admit that I am impressed and so excited!!! I would agree that Bella is frequently annoying and it appears that she seems less annoying in the movie! Here's hoping!!!!!
November 21st can't come quickly enough and I do so hope that Meyer opts to finish Midnight Sun!

Honestly, I can fully understand her enthusiasm and admit to being really excited about seeing this movie when it comes out which is strange because I never ever get excited about a movie coming out. Gee, think that means I need a real life other than having become quite enamored of a fictitious vampire?!?
On Tuesday I actually blessed all of you with two posts (!) with the first, "It seems to me a strange thing, mystifying ...", talking a bit about my recent trip to Salem and the House of the Seven Gables as well as posting a couple of photographs that seem to have other-worldly things in them. Patti of Late Bloomer Boomer left the following comment -
Patti said...

Um, you are scaring me just a tad, Linda.
I think the orb in the hotel is definitely a ghost of a guest who just didn't want to leave.
Those rainbows? Of course they are spirits of long-ago New Englanders taking a stroll, or whatever spirits do when they ambulate.
Very cool post, Linda. I'll have to get to Salem someday. It looks enchanting.

Uhm, Patti? If you'll remember correctly we're getting together next Saturday to go on a historic ghost walk in your part of Connecticut so if you're scared now - just wait until then! Perhaps there will be more spirits of long-ago New Englanders taking a stroll through the historic Derby cemetery - I for one certainly do hope so!

My second post of the day on Tuesday was written as a follow-up to the ongoing story of the parents whose two-year old son shot and killed himself with a loaded gun that was left within his reach. In Inconceivable I figuratively shook my head over the couple's plea of not guilty at their arraignment as I just didn't understand how they could think they were anything but guilty; I know I would have asked for jail time myself were I in their shoes. There were 28 well-thought out comments left for that post including this one from Sandee of Comedy Plus, a former Deputy Sheriff herself in California for many years, who left the following comment and put things in perspective for me -
Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I understand what they are doing. A good attorney can put a spin on this in court and if there is a weak district attorney then the defense may have a chance to prevail. I've seen it happen before.
The violation of the law is done in their minds, now it's damage control they are focusing on. They have switched from their dead child to self-preservation. I've seen it many, many times throughout my career.
I too see your point as well, but you are an exception to the rule. That's exactly why I like you so much. Have a great day. Big hug. :)

Oh, and on a bright note - no one called me any names or called my job trying to get me fired for expressing my own opinion this time - woohoo!
Meanwhile, Back in Salem ... on Thursday I continued my trip through Salem, Massachusetts with pictures and a slideshow presentation of the waterfront area, old houses, and a few of the other picturesque spots in this enchanting port city north of Boston. The following comment from Empress Bee of the High Sea is one of my favorites because she hit the nail right on the head as to why I sometimes go into so much detail with posts like this: I try to give as much detail as I can about places like Salem - hopefully without going too far overboard - for those people who might never get the chance to go there themselves or for people who might be thinking about it but need a gentle nudge in that direction! -
Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

wonderful shots! thank you because this is someplace i am sure i will never get to visit personally. your photography is amazing linda!
smiles, bee

Thank you also to those who left compliments on my photography - those comments always make me smile especially when they come from bloggers like blushing new bride Star8278 who is a fantastic photographer herself!

I got a little carried away on Thursday with two more posts (I had a day off and couldn't seem to help myself plus I was making up for no post on Wednesday!). In It's a Miracle!! I posted a picture of a local gas pump reflecting the price of $2.95 a gallon - the cheapest price I had paid for gas in who knows how long. Apparently gas prices haven't dropped as much in California as evidenced by my friend from Alien in a Foreign Field's comment -
Maddy said...

I don't even look any more. I drive into the gas station with a baseball cap on pulled down to my nose and feel my way around the petrol pump, gas nozzle and petrol cap. I can do it all by touch alone and I don't bother to wait for the receipt and I would certainly never read it as I wouldn't like to pass out on the forecourt!

Oh dear, sorry about that Maddy, hopefully you get some relief on the West Coast soon!

Thursday's third post, Spookified!, was just an excuse for me to post some pictures I had been fooling around with and to get people psyched for my upcoming Friday post on our Salem Haunted Footsteps tour which prompted the following from Connie of Brain Foggles -
Connie said...

I really like it when you can change your photos like that. I think I can do that with Picassa. Good idea for Halloween.

I use Picassa a lot but I actually converted those pictures using the Picnik function on Flickr where I've been trying to upload more of my pictures lately after a lot of urging from the aforementioned Claire. I just recently downloaded Picassa 3 but haven't had a chance to check it out too much - maybe those cool features are on there, too.
Finally on Friday I posted the story and pictures of our Haunted Footsteps Tour of Salem that I found to be more scary writing about then when I was actually on the tour itself! Of course, it could have been that I was writing it after midnight after Amanda had gone to bed and the wind was blowing around the house and making creepy noises! A new visitor to my blog from Last Shred of Sanity left the following comment and food for thought -
babyrocasmama said...

I have always wanted to go to Salem, MA. I also want to go to New Orleans & take the Vampire Tour. I LOVE all this stuff. Maybe you could go on a ride-along with the Ghost Hunters from A & E !! But have you ever thought that we see things BECAUSE someone told us it was haunted? Something to think about...

A very good point indeed and most definitely something to think about as our brains can certainly manage to invent an awful lot of things if given the chance. Imaginations are wonderful things, aren't they? There may very well be a perfectly logical explanation for the things that show up on pictures but isn't it kind of fun to think that they might be supernatural or other-worldly? Of course, not everyone may think that way but it's fun to sometimes. Oh, and Patti .. it's not that I'm necessarily blasé about just getting one small orb over a door but when you compare it to the multitudes of orbs in other pictures, one small one kind of pales in comparison!

Thank you, once again, for everyone who took the time to stop and comment on any of my posts this past week. I am appreciative of every single one of your comments as it validates the fact that I'm not just talking to myself via the computer all the time! Come on back next Saturday for next week's version of Comments on Comments and see if you made the post!


  1. i love this comments on comments thingy. and even more when i make it into them! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  2. I don't know why exactly but I love this feature of your blog... Keep em coming Girl Friend

  3. Please don't think I've forgotten you!

    I've become so enamored with my own blog that I have been neglecting my benefactor! I have been reading though!

    Oh dear...

  4. Anonymous11:04 PM EDT

    I just love this feature on your blog...but what I REALLY love is the new profile picture of you in your sidebar in that awesome top! :)

    You rock, Linda!!!

  5. Well although I'm a bit embarassed, I'm honored that you chose one of my comments, but most of all I'm glad you got a good chuckle from it. It's always fun to make Linda laugh!

    Let me re-word that comment though, "I like my Guinness draughts to be carmel-brown with a head of foam on it!!!!" LMAO

  6. You're definitely not talking to yourself, Duchess Linda.

    Thanks for the shout-out, I haven't had too many visitors lately. Is it something I said?


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