Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Running Into a Dead End

The Old Burial Ground

There's a lot of stuff in life that is scary - old graveyards (especially at night), the current state of finances in America, the looming cost of heating our homes this winter, the Presidential debates, and online dating ... which brings me to the topic of today's post!

Truth be told, I avoid online dating much like I do liver and onions, lifting heavy objects, and speaking to my ex-husband but every once in awhile curiosity gets the better of me - after all, I'm divorced and not dead though my love life certainly expired long ago - and I'll take a peek at who's out there. After all, rumor has it that a lot of people have met the love of their lives via online dating (just ask my ex) so who's to say that my own Prince Charming isn't out there with an ad plastered on Craigslist or or eHarmony? Maybe I need to put some effort into finding him rather than just waiting for him to find me? Perhaps he needs some help!

To that end I recently took a look at Craigslist ... and it was even scarier and more of a dead end than that old graveyard pictured at the top of this post! For example -
  • ... looking to get together with a woman looking for a night of "its all about you baby"
  • ... i like nice quit nights with my lady, soft music maybe a little wine cuddling allowed
  • ... For my women i prefer athletic and toned to avergae, needs tobe fun and not oo uptight
  • ... seeing if i can find a neddle in a hay stac
  • ...I need a fine GIRL who knows it, slim, well maintained AND most of all must have a nice dairy air
You have got to be kidding me - this is what's out there? Guys, guys, guys - would it kill you to learn how to write? Maybe have someone spell-check it for you before you put it out there on the internet for all the world to see? Better yet, how about thinking about what it is you're saying ahead of time? I mean - what on earth is "wine cuddling"? What if I prefer to just drink it? Good luck to the guy trying to find a "neddle" and as far as the guy requiring the nice "dairy air" could he possibly have meant derrière or does the woman he's looking for need to smell like a barn??

I know that Mimi Lenox has a whole blog dedicated to online dating sights and the goofs who use them at Dating Profile of the Day but every once in awhile I just have to look for myself as, truth be told, it gets kind of old being alone all the time and some male companionship would be fantastic however ... I've just got to ask - where have all the good men gone?? And don't any of them know proper grammar and spelling??

Perhaps I'm just too picky but maybe being single isn't so bad after all! With my luck my White Knight would call himself a wite nite or something worse!


  1. Anonymous7:50 AM EDT

    nice post..............

  2. online dating is scary. my last ex and i met on myspace. mistake. a site i use is there are some freaks on there though... :-/

  3. I wouldn't be so scared of online dating. Its a tool of this generation. I would, however, be very careful and use common sense when arranging to meet anyone. I had great and not so great successes with online dating before Mark found me. And in fact, he found me through myspace... so it might even count that we "met" online, despite having graduated high school together.

    I recommend the more popular sites, like yahoo personals, eharmony and

  4. Dearie me. They all need a course although I'm not sure which kind. They seem to have 'self promotion' weighed off one way or another.
    Best wishes

  5. Dairy Air? Ok...

    You can't look at Craigslist. That's where the freaks and prostitutes go, remembers? :)

    Seriously though-Craigslist isn't the place to look-it's free and the people there are basically looking for hookups. IF you are going to really do the dating thing-do a paid site-one that people at least have to go more in depth about themselves.

    PS. LOVE the pictures, even though it's a graveyard. :)

  6. Anonymous10:07 AM EDT

    I'd try eHarmony or one of those pay sites. I met hubby Hank on the internet. Had to go through a few toads, but I finally found my prince.

    Diary air... so the guy likes cow butts? Ewww! That *IS* scary!

  7. I'm with Mags. Go to e-Harmony (I tried that one before Mark) or similar site. You build your own profile and so do all guys and than you are matched to the best comparables :o)

  8. well I found my hubby online..but I really don't recommend it..and we DIDN'T meet from some dating site.

    Actually, I'm old fashioned. When people ask me about finding an other I tell them my Aunt's story.

    So here did ask, right?

    When he was 42 my uncle died of a brain aneurysm. Left my aunt with a 5 year old boy and a 15 year old boy. She didn't want to raise them alone. She found the biggest church in town with the biggest and most active single's group and joined in all the fun. God worked another wonder and she was remarried in about a year.....and has been married to that second husband for the last 18 years.

  9. You have 2 choices. Online dating or singles dances. Both have pluses and minuses. I am not sure a Craig's list ad is the same thing...

  10. Anonymous12:30 PM EDT

    neddle in a hay stak 'eh?!
    Keep searchin' bud. *LOL*

  11. I'm with you Linda, all these ads are real turn-offs. I can just imagine them in real life. Yikes. Good luck on your search for a mate. They are out there, you just have to peel off all the layers of crud to find them. Just saying. Have a great day sweetie. Big hug. :)

  12. Hilarious! They do need to learn to write. Maybe the one who wants a nice 'dairy air' is looking for a milkmaid?

  13. Anonymous5:25 PM EDT

    Avoid Craigslist - at all costs!

    You deserve so much better. But those ads made me laugh and wonder about our society. We worry about this generation's education? Look at ours!

  14. Hey Linda,

    This post is just too funny. I thought you had really had some luck with this when I first started reading, lol. I'm just glad I am married and not looking.

  15. I didn't read the other comments yet....but CRAIGSLIST???? Are you out of your mind???? Do I need to come out there and smack some sense into you?

    I am a reluctant proponent of online dating... (you've met the teamster...) but your have to go to a real site.

    even Yahoo is better than craigslist....geez....

  16. I love the bits and pieces you put in here from these people and their "ads" -especially the one with the "dairy air!" Had to stop and think for a minute to figure out what the hell is "dairy air?" And when it hit me, I got a darned good chuckle out of that.
    Can't say that I have anything good to say about eHarmony as for me, it was definitely a big waste of money. In the year I had a membership, there were no potential matches for my personality/appearance/location type! Wasn't exactly the best thing for me to look into when I was already mega depressed about my singlehood at that point in time, ya know. Now, though I think it would be nice to have a relationship, I'm finally relatively content within my own skin, being with myself, my kids and grandkids. Only took me what, about 60 years to get to this point but I think at this point in time, I'll just let well enough alone.

  17. Yeah.....Linda, Craigslist??!! I'm with Mags on this one, however I found that eharmony and sites aren't worth the money. There are rarely any people in the close vacinity, and their "matches" for you are usually over 100 miles away.

    I found Yahoo personals is pretty decent, there tends to be more people from the area, and you can determine how many miles you want to search. You can start with a free membership to browse through profiles, send icebreakers, then if you end up finding someone, you can sign up for a month and communicate. Uh-unh!! Not that I've ever tried it....LOL

  18. I think I told you Ralph and I met through a dating service, way back in the good old days of the 80s..

    Before the Internet, even!! ;-)

    I laughed when I read about finding a wite nite.


  19. I to laughed at the "neddle in a hay stac" ... HA HAAAA!!!!!!!

    nettel (smile)

  20. Anonymous11:59 AM EDT

    Craiglist's hookers are out of control and law enforment can't keep up!
    "A nonprofit advocacy group against human sexual trafficking, called the Polaris Project, believes Craigslist is now the single largest source for prostitution, including child exploitation, in the country. The project surveyed all Craigslist pages for apparent prostitutes on Feb. 7 of this year. It identified thousands across the country... "


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