Sunday, October 19, 2008

Norwich Free Academy Foliage

Amanda stayed after school this past Thursday to help out with the Gia Club's banner for this weekend's homecoming dance and being that I was smart enough to take my camera with me when I went to go retrieve her, I got there a little earlier and took the time to take some shots of the foliage around some of the campus.

I'm not exactly sure what the foliage is doing this year - there are some trees that are absolutely glowing with color, others that have already gone completely bare, and even more that haven't done a darned thing except sit there and seem to say "What're you lookin' at?"

Oh well, some guy on the news this morning said that next week is supposed to be peak week for southern Connecticut so I guess we shall see and hope for some sun to get a nice blue sky to go with the pretty colors. I'm afraid there wasn't much to speak of when I took these shots but I hope you enjoy them anyway!

NFA Leaves

In front of the Administration Building

Leaves in front of NFA

The Cranston Building Clock Tower

NFA Leaves

View from the back of the planetarium with the Slater Museum Tower behind it


  1. I love New England! Awesome photos.

  2. Oh fabulous photos Linda, just beautiful.

  3. they are wonderful! i especially love the sugar maple! my favorite!

    smiles, bee

  4. Anonymous11:06 AM EDT

    Oh the leaves... how beautiful!

    Simply gorgeous!

  5. I guess the tree's are like people
    You have your early birds.
    You have your ones that go with the majority.
    You have your lazy butt ones that just wanna hang out.
    Hmm that is kinda funny to me.

    Well, sweet lady have a great Sunday and those pics are beeeaaautiful!!!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Anonymous12:46 PM EDT

    I'm really enjoying the foliage here. I'm surrounded by trees, so many more than back in Jersey.

  7. Thanks for showing us what a super place Norwich is. You could be responsible for an upturn in tourism!

  8. you never know whats in your own back yard. nice...

  9. So I pull up your blog and my oldest says "it's children momma! yeeeeees!! and toes!! and shoes!! see the children with toes momma??"

  10. You captured the best of colorful foliage at NFA. I thing all the rain in the summer has maladjusted the foliage - there seems to be lots of green around, yet I think that the leaves will just get brown too quickly, bypassing the best of fall colors...

  11. Linda,

    Some great photos! Hard to believe one can find such beauty even in Norwich - a town forever associated w/work (unfortunately). You want to see some fall scenery, try driving through farm country - Griswold, Sprague, Pomfret, ect. Hint: the view is ALWAYS better through handlebars ;-)

  12. Wow, this is awesome Linda. What great shots as well. Oh, I love your new profile picture. Have a great day. :)

  13. You've got something going on with those photos girlfriend. I don't know how you even keep up with and categorize them. I've said this before but I believe you have a real talent. And I love your new profile pic!

  14. I also love your new picture, Duchess.

    Beautiful fall photos. I have a bunch I took on Saturday. I guess I should post a few ;-)

  15. Anonymous12:52 PM EDT

    Your photos are breath taking, Linda!


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