Thursday, October 2, 2008

'A' is for Apple - 'F' is for Frank ...

I am a firm believer that birthdays, no matter what age you're turning, are special and should be celebrated and acknowledged as that's the one day out of the year that you can call your very own - well, unless you're a twin or a triplet or one of those other multiple birth babies as then you have to share your special day with your brothers and/or sisters! Still, birthdays only come once a year and everyone deserves a happy one.

This past Monday was the birthday of Frank, a fella I've mentioned here in my blog a time or two. He's a fire inspector (more like a fire god) down at the Mohegan Sun Casino (where I have been finding it darn hard to get in my hours for training) as well as a part-time dispatcher at American where he once was quite the god there, too, if stories from the past are to be believed! Knowing that he was going to be working dispatch with us on Wednesday evening I thought it would be nice to bake an apple pie to bring for him as a belated celebration of the anniversary of his birth.

Here's the story of the creation of Frank's birthday pie ... Warning! You may find yourself beset with cravings for apple pie after watching this video!

Who says you have to have birthday cake in order to celebrate? Birthday pie is just as good! Now ... about that diet I've been meaning to go on ...


  1. Anonymous8:20 AM EDT

    I'm going to get hubbby a birthday pie. He said he always requested pumpkin pie for his birthday growing up. So I'm getting one from Costco for him. Their pies are sooo good.

  2. Anonymous8:21 AM EDT

    Looks like spammers (James, above) have a new modus operandi... copy and paste part of the entry to make it "appear" they are legit...


    I hate spammers.

  3. Oh great, what a way to start the morning, craving a warm slice of apple pie, a la mode of course!!!

    Thanks a lot! hahaha. Of course I am not really mad, but could you send some of that goodness south to PA??

    Have a great day.

  4. YUM! I love apple pie.
    I don't have a special day to call my own..sigh..I share it with my darling daughter.

    I haven't been visiting too many blogs lately. Hope we're still friends. Been a lot going on for me in the real world.

    Cute video, you are so tech-savvy compared to moi. I can't do too much!

  5. Happy belated BD to Frank!
    And thanks for the video, now I'm salivating like a dog :o)

  6. Linda that was awesome. You made me smile huge. I people was able to enjoy her apple crisp while we were on Vacation.... Ah it was good... hope your all jealous now.

    That was a cute video.. Great pictures.. you have impressed me..

    Have a great day off. Hope you do a bunch of nothing...

    Callie the Brat... hee hee hee

  7. Not to worry about the spammers, Lois, I always know who they are and get rid of them asap. Sneaky scoundrels - like I don't know when they copy someone else's comment or text write from my own post!


    And it was even better since I got to share in some of that AWESOME pie!!!!!

    It was DELICIOUS!

    Thanks again Linda for being so thoughtful, and I thought the "video" was hysterical!! :)

  9. Fortunately, I'm immune as I'm not fond of apple pie...weird, aren't I?

  10. Happy Birthday to FRank. Hope it was a good one.

    I want a birthday pie.

  11. Damn, girl. Now I want me some apple pie!

  12. That's yummy looking!!! *sigh* I want some birthday pie. :)

  13. well i don't know frank but the pie sure looks good!

    are they rome apples? that's what i had last night. i like to sit with a knife and cut them into little pieces and stick the knife in them and eat them. it's a whole ritual from childhood and a grandmother in a rocker on a porch with an apron...

    smiles, bee (in alabama)

  14. apple pie is one of my faves!

    Happy Birthday to god?


  15. I have had the pleasure of meeting Frank, I would definitely make him a pie. He is just so cute and loveable!

    Also having sampled your apple crispy yummyness, I would of quite happily stuck my face in that pie!


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