Sunday, December 14, 2008

Comments on Comments

Is it me or are the weeks going by really quickly? Seems like it was just Sunday and now here it is Sunday again! I guess as the days grow shorter, so do the weeks!

Anyhow, what did I write about last Monday? Oh yeah, it was Mo's Manic Monday Meme where the word of the week was "Light"! I posted a couple of pictures that I had taken around town that used light in different ways - one of a local church that has a floodlight that illuminates a beautiful blue door and the other of Christmas lights strung across the downtown streets ...
Desert Songbird said ... Those lights over the street look just like the lights in Mags's photo! The blue door is great. The lights on the church have a wonderful blue glow.
For those who asked, the floodlight itself is not blue, it just seemed to photograph that way and I believe the light is there for both safety and beauty!

Tuesday was once again a two-fer with my first being Another Mindless Post - Sort Of! which Amanda commanded asked me to write! She had attended two Mindless Self Indulgence concerts over the weekend, taken lots of great concert pictures, and wanted me to show them off - which I did in the form of a slideshow complete with music from Tub Ring, one of her favorite new bands ...
Last Minute Lyn said ... Wow I'm sure she had a great time, she sure took great photos!

carol g said ... What a great experience for Amanda - and great photos too!! I just asked my 37 y.o. son (soon to be 38) if he had ever heard of MSI... nope. The up side was: BOY DID I MAKE HIM FEEL OLD :O)

Travis said ... You are aware, I'm sure, that you have added to your epicness by deciding not to attend and letting her go with her friend.
Why thank you, Travis, I hadn't thought of that! Lyn, Amanda says 'thank you' and Carol, your son can take heart that not a lot of people have heard of MSI - you kind of have to have a teenager who's crazy about them to be in the know! Lucky me?

My other post for Tuesday was this week's Creative Photography Meme (formerly contest) entry in which I featured a nightshot that I had taken of a clock in front of our local courthouse that I then converted to black & white and titled "Time Standing Still" ...

Courthouse Clock & Bank Building

For some reason, a lot of people seemed to think it was spooky ...
Claire said ... "Time Standing Still" is a great title for it, or "This is a spooky clock, where time freezes and monsters leap out from another dimension to suck out your brains". I think mine is rather catchy....

Patti said... Beautiful nighttime photo, Duchess Linda. (wink) You captured a spooky atmosphere. Actually it looks like it could have been taken in Paris.
Alas, Patti, Norwich is far from Paris but I guess it has its good parts and Claire ... well, what can I say when it comes to Claire?!? I think I shall keep my title, thank you very much, and next time I go down there I'll be looking out for monsters now!

Back to work on Wednesday so I left everyone with I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer where the question was -

Do you decorate for the holidays and, if so, have you done so?
Sandy B and Dick said ... Since we just got home from our cruise, I am late in decorating. Only have a wreath on the front door and a bow on the mailbox. Will only put up a few decorations (stockings, small fiber optic tree, candles, etc.), since I have to 'undecorate' right after Christmas before we head south to FL. I'm gettin' lazy about decorating as I get older, and just enjoy the kids' houses all decked out!

tarheelrambler said ... Yes...well, if I'm perfectly honest, Mrs. Rambler did the decorating and I brought in the ladder and carried the boxes of decorations for her. I also put together the tree and placed it on top of the entertainment center out reach of the cats.

Amazing Gracie said ... Nope and nope...haven't since my kids were little and we went to my mom's house and now, for years - they've been on their own.
I hadn't actually done any decorating myself until yesterday when I finally got enough ambition to put out the light-up deer and take the fiber optic tree out of the box; a short post on that follows below this one. At least it looks a little like Christmas around here now but not like anything you'd see in Better Homes & Gardens!

Thursday brought me The Superior Scribbler Award from fellow Connecticut-ian (or whatever we're called!) Ralph at Airhead 55. Acceptance of the award required me to tell you seven things about myself so I tried to find a few interesting things ...
Bud Weiser, WTIT said ... Did the dentist clean your teeth before the ceremony?

Sandee (Comedy +) said ... You're not claiming California anymore. Got something against Stockton now? Bwahahahahaahah.

Maddy said ... I'm so glad you explained that the dentist was a Justice of the Peace, you had me worried for a moment there.
Okay, first off - no, we didn't get our teeth cleaned or get free dental floss samples or toothbrushes or anything like that. We just got married in the reception area (which with a start like that, I guess it's no wonder the marriage didn't last!) And as far as forgetting to list California along with the other places I've lived - that was a big oops and just goes to show that I shouldn't write posts late at night after working long shifts! As a matter of fact, I lived not only in Stockton, California but also in San Bernardino and Long Beach. Sorry to the Left Coast!

I was Looking at the Sky on Friday with Tisha (her new meme!) and posted a picture of a sunrise over Norwich that I took a few months ago - prior to getting my Nikon though a lot of people thought I had taken the picture with it; just goes to show what a great job my Kodak Z712 did! In addition to the picture, I pointed out the new holiday decorations on my blog header and I also had a little fun with the Elf Yourself program and had Morgen, Callie, and myself put on our dancing shoes for a turn around the barn floor ...
MightyMom said ... ok, I don't know which is more odd ... a squid with a candycane, an elf dancing with a pitch fork....or a yankee doing the Cotton Eye'd Joe!! But thanks for the laughs all the same, and that's a beautiful sunrise you got there too!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said ... well if i can't post my nekkid photos of sarge looking at the sky then i'm just not going to play. the end.

Lois Grebowski said ... It ain't right seeing Mo shimmy! Bwahahahaahhaah! Love the holiday decorations!
Honestly, it's probably better to see Mo shimmy then to see me dance as I've got two left feet in real life and couldn't do the Cotton-Eye'd Joe if my life depended on it! At least nothing that looked remotely close to it! Seriously, though, if you want to have some fun, go Elf Yourself and your friends and family then sit back and laugh!

Finally on Saturday I was pretty well tapped-out for the week and needed to get some stuff done around the house so I opted to do another short meme that has been making its way around the blogosphere. It's All About Me answers ten quick little questions that are ... all about me! Once again, I seemed to have left out California though in my answer to longest car ride ...
Callie Ann said ... OH Honey, are you blocking California out of your mind? To me your longest car ride was a Uhaul with a son and all your stuff going from one coast to another. To me that is your longest car ride and rumor says you did it a couple of times. Have a great day, sweetie.
The reason I didn't list that trip, Callie, was because I thought they were asking for longest car ride that was all in one shot, though I could be wrong. Truth be told, I've made the drive cross-country a bunch of times but one of them was with 6-year old Mike in a rental van with all of our worldly possessions in the back.

The last drive from California was in 1993 when my brother flew out to Long Beach and we drove back to Connecticut with Mike (who was 11 by then) and Amanda, who was 8 months old, whilst the husband was out to sea somewhere. Just for the record, I moved back to Connecticut because I was expecting Jamie at that point and the ex was going to be out to sea more than he was going to be in port so I wanted to be home where I could get some help if need be.

That wraps up another week of Comments on Comments. I hope you'll come back this week and find something worth leaving a comment on so perhaps I can feature you here next week! I'll try to write something interesting for you! Everyone have a great Sunday!


  1. Anonymous8:42 AM EST

    yep, time is flying by... Hubby told mw how soon Christmas is going to be and I freaked...Isn't it still November?

  2. This is getting to be a very popular post for you. Good for you. It was indeed fun.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  3. Duchess Linda,
    Wouldnt' that trip have been in 1993? Amanda would have been more than 8 months old five years ago.

    I guess time really is flying by.

    Have a good Sunday, Your Duchessness!

  4. Another enjoyable post, Linda.

    December has flown by... the men in my household are sitting in their easy chairs frantically thumbing through all the Sunday Ads. My shopping is DONE so they can buy their own treasures, wrap them, and put them under the tree. My next project is making Christmas cookies. I try to wait until my Christmas tummy says: I need COOOOOOOOKIES!!! And that time is almost upon me.

  5. It only seems like yesterday I was enjoying my summer holiday and here we are CHRISTMAS ALREADY! :0

  6. I have an award for you. It's the Blog L♥ve award. Participation is not mandatory however. :)

  7. Never a dull moment here, for sure!


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