Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer

With only two more days until Christmas I'm pretty sure that a lot of people are still running around performing last minute preparations while only a few sit back and think "yeah, I got that covered, it's a'ight, I'm good!" I'm not in that latter group just in case you're wondering but at this point I refuse to stress about it and shall just go with the flow of the season.

Unfortunately the flow of the season for me includes working my typical 16-hour shift this Wednesday, which is obviously Christmas Eve, followed by an 8-hour respite in between shifts before heading back in Christmas morning at 7:00 a.m. for another 8-hours of fun and games in dispatch. Normally I would be going in for 3:00 Thursday afternoon but I switched with my supervisor as he wanted to spend the morning with his three young children and my family typically does their annual get-together on Christmas night. Seemed like a fair enough trade as he gets to spend time with his family and I get to spend time with mine (even though I'll probably be pretty tired!).

That brings me to this week's question for all of you that have stopped by and would like to leave an answer -

What time do you typically have your Christmas celebration?
Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Christmas Night or perhaps a combination of all three?

No matter when you have your celebration - I sure hope it's a happy one and that the best gift you get is a head full of happy memories then you'll never want to return!


  1. We celebrate with family Christmas Eve and stay home on Christmas Day. I hope you have a good holiday, I finish the shopping tomorrow morning before work, as nothing will be open when I get off work.

  2. Anonymous10:40 AM EST

    Christmas eve night with brother, Christmas night with us, and hubby's girls are usually a day or two before.

    Have a good celebration with family! I'll be thinking of you as I sleep to the scanner.

  3. Merry Christmas, Linda! We usually see my folks on Christmas Day for a late-morning gathering, then dinner. "Mrs. Bulldog"'s family is deceased, so she has been welcomed w/open arms into my parents' home for the holidays. This year, we're off on Christmas Eve, so we have some special plans just for the two of us - a "date" of sorts! Hope you & Jaime, along w/your family have a happy & safe holiday!

  4. Christmas eve is hubby and my time. All the prep is done and we just enjoy each others company.

    Christmas day is when all the family gathers. We spend all day together and have our Christmas meal around 1 in the afternoon. Then after the cleanup it's movie time and after that it's time for pie. By 7 or so the house is again quiet and it's time for me and hubby to reflect. It's a wonderful time for the both of us.

    Have a terrific day and a very Merry Christmas. Big hug. :)

  5. How great that you and your colleague sorted the shifts out so you both get to celebrate with your families!

    MWM, my Dad and I go out with friends Christmas Eve. The boys visit on Christmas morning with the grandchildren. MIL & FIL spend Christmas day with us three for Christmas Dinner. Folk call round Boxing Day and the rest of the time is just ours to chill and generally over indulge! :)

    Happy Christmas to you Linda and your family and may the New Year bring Health and Happiness to you. xx

  6. We don't celebrate Christmas just a day off work. I plan to ride my bike to the beach.
    John is visiting from Maine so we may go out to eat after the beach. He says he's white from being in Maine and needs a tan.

  7. Happy Holidays, Linda!

  8. Christmas morning is when we open our gifts and I make a huge Brunch afterwards:-) Christmas Eve is spent quietly, watching Christmas movies.

    May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through! Merry Christmas to you and yours, dear Linda. xoxo

  9. this year it is christmas day with chuck!!!

    smiles, bee

  10. Christmas starts when I get home from the office. Christmas morning is when it REALLY starts though.

  11. With both my family and my husband's family within a 15-minute drive, we find we're running around like crazy. Christmas Eve with my sister. Christmas morning with my Mom. Christmas dinner with my husband's aunt. We already had an early Christmas gathering with my in-laws last Saturday. Some down-time would be nice, but I don't want to miss seeing anyone!

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  12. Our company arrives tomorrow afternoon. Just a friend of ours from the Sierra Nevada foothills - did you ever get to Sonora? Since the family from Oregon is really snowed in, it will just be the 4 of us. And we will start celebrating when Mr. Moose arrives tomorrow until he leaves sometime Friday.

    Merry Christmas, Linda!

  13. Combination: One present Christmas eve and then Christmas morning for the rest.

    This year I'm off the hook for cooking as the grandson flies out Christmas day (airport willing) to spend time with his mother.

  14. Christmas Eve is our holiday. My kids (and grandkids) come here around 3 to 4. We do our thing and exchange presents in a small group. My dad and my half-bro started to join us last year. Then we head to my sister at 7:30. Cousins, Aunts, my mom, sister, brother and his kids do a big party. Christday is at Mom's, but it's low key and low attended. Have a great Eve of CHristmas Eve...

  15. Our current tradition has been to drive around and see the outdoor lights the weekend before, to go out to dinner and for a walk around the mall on the 24th, and then to exchange gifts and have our holiday meal on the 25th.

    That's messed up this year because of weather, but that's what Pam and I enjoy together and with family.

  16. Both, all three in this case. working both days really sucks.

  17. well, whenever works actually. I have been known to pass out a Christmas gift or two as early as Oct and as late as June. HONEST!

    We have 4 different families that each want to have a party and we keep Christmas Day to ourselves So, for this year. fam #1 was last Sunday the 21st. fam #2 is today the 24th, us on the 25th, fam #3 on the 28th and fam #4 on the 29th. Then there are 2 more friends that I regularly get together with during the school break for lunch and gift exchange...Those are still to be planned. We missed hubbys church group's party as well as my work party so this year is calmer than most.

    wait, I got lost....

    what was the question??

  18. One of the drawbacks to working at a place that runs 24/7, 365 days! Been there, did that for many years!
    To answer your question though -back in the moldy olden days of my youth, we did Christmas after the midnight church service. Then, with my kids, we moved it up to earlier in the evening Christmas Eve -before church. With the family now, it will be split gift exchanges -beginning around supper Christmas Eve -after our early church service at 4 p.m. during which Maya and the Children's Choir will sing. Home for supper, gift exchange then between Maya, Kurt and their three half-siblings, then back to church at 9 p.m. and after that service, Mandy, Bill, my son and I will do our thing. CHristmas morning, Santa time for Maya and Kurtis and Thursday afternoon, dinner with the older daughter, her fiance and older grandson, Alex, and another gift exchange then! Phew, I'm tired already just thinking of the clean-up from all that wrapping paper! At least though everything will be here at my house but from 1979 through 2005, we did Christmas dinner at my dad's baby sister's home and the last 6-8 years or so, I cooked the dinner and carted it all to my aunt's to serve it there!
    Sleep tight Christmas Eve so you can survive the day at work and then, your family Christmas after that!
    Peace and Merry Christmas, kid!

  19. Used to be first hubby's mom's on Christmas Eve, then my mom's on Christmas day. Since my kids are older they usually go to their inlaws homes and my hubman's kids with their mom. So,
    now it's just the six of us...hubman, me, 2 dogs and 2 birds. This is what happens when you try not to put pressure on people - smiles...

  20. Anonymous4:44 AM EST

    Christmas Eve is my favorite family and friends time. Since my parents moved in, we exchange gifts in the morning over coffee. Then Dad usually makes breakfast. We throw a filet tenderloin on the grill and have a very simple dinner and basically relax all day.

    Merry Christmas Eve, Linda. Hopefully, it will be a very slow dispatch day.

  21. Duchess Linda,
    We get together on Christmas Eve with Ralph's siblings, spouses, their children and now several beautiful grandchildren...Usually at his sister's house in East Hartford.
    I've been celebrating with all of them since 1985. It's lots of fun and extremely casual.


    Ralph is making bruschetta for it right now. And Cam will be making his Chex Mix, something he has done since he was little.

  22. the late arrival checks in on the side of yearly chaos, with four celebrations across two sides of our family. This year our daughter was home, which made things really special, but our oldest son and family remained in the Frozen North, so no grandkids! Sigh. Christmas eve at my house with about forty relatives from my side of our family; Christmas breakfast with Mr. Right's family, followed by gifts at Ma-in-Law's home, Christmas afternoon with our youngest at his place, winding down to dinner with my favorite cousin at her house and a premier viewing of Mama Mia; and yes, she and I DID wear that stuff back in the day!! Oh, then there was the weeklong affair with the Roto Rooter guy...sigh..wonderful, exhausting, crazy Christmas!

  23. Anonymous3:54 PM EST

    Christmas Eve with my family at my mom's house.

    Christmas morning at home with Brien, myself and the kiddos.

    Christmas night at Brien's family.


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