Saturday, December 27, 2008

Creative Photography

I thought maybe I'd take some time out to post my entry for this week's Creative Photography Meme hosted by Roger of Idaho Daily Photo.
I sort of forgot to do an entry last week what with the last-minute Christmas stuff that needed to be done and all but this week I dug through my archives and came up with the following picture that I have titled "Making Tracks" ...

Making Tracks

Almost makes me want to go out and walk the tracks to see where they lead - or better yet hop aboard a train and see where it takes me à la hobo style!
If you'd like to see more great Creative Photography Meme entries, make tracks over to the Creative Photography Blog and check out the links!


  1. Awesome! as usual...
    Love the colors, especially.

  2. fabulous pic! love the sky!!

    well, not to offend anyone, but your input would be appreciated over here

  3. This is truely a great photo.

  4. Great pic here and I enjoyed your beach photos in the above post too. This one though, the colors were really different and quite stunning.

  5. Nice train track photo. I love the colors in it. Guess I missed it yesterday.

    I must have been de-railed. ho ho

  6. Awesome shot! Your right I would like to see where them tracks go, maybe to some nice warm weather lol or maybe that's just me, I would like to be a snow bird! :D

  7. Anonymous3:28 PM EST

    I just love this picture. Very inspireing.
    Smiles B

  8. I enjoy your tracks motif - the tracks take you to yet take you away from places. I like in the distance a splash of light. Your destination perhaps??

  9. Love the tracks photo!

  10. Gorgeous! Jeff wants to know where you took this one...he loves the colors and the light, and as he's a railroad fan too, he's intrigued!


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