Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer

I've yet to actually do any sort of Christmas decorating here at home and am still in the "thinking about it" stage. However, with just a touch over two weeks until Christmas I suspect if I'm going to do something it should be soon, right? Hmmm ... Maybe Saturday?

Fortunately for me, the ladies in the billing office at work did their Christmas decorating last week so I took advantage of their Christmas spirit and snuck downstairs to take some pictures after everyone else had gone home so that I could put together the above collage!

Which brings us to the question of this post ...

Do you decorate for the holidays and, if so, have you done so?


  1. Yes and Yes.

    The tree went up the day BEFORE Thanksgiving. Usually not so early, but we had company for Turkey Day and I wanted to show off our tree to them. The rest of the lights have gone up a little bit at a time each weekend.

    Wind yesterday took them half down on us, so this weekend we'll be readjusting.

  2. Um, no, not yet. Bah humbug.

    Nice collage!

  3. We went all out until the kids all left, now, too lazy or.........

  4. no, and no. but, and there IS a big but (no not my big butt!), the cruise ship will be all decorated and that's mine because i claim it and when i wear my tiara i get my wishes!

    smiles, bee

  5. Yes, we do, but we haven't yet. "Mrs. Bulldog" & I are headed to NYC in a few hours (after she gets a nap in due to working all night). We planned on getting the tree, then decorating when we came back. The trip will definately put us in a Christmas mood, but do you think a couple of us "country kids" are going to fare well in the "Big Apple"?

  6. Anonymous9:41 AM EST

    I gave most of my stuff away in Operation Heirloom. (see my post today)

    I have a few things out. My big tree (if 4 ft is big) is still sitting where I plopped it down when I brought it up. Will move that into place and plug it in. Just lights. No ornaments.

    I bought a beautiful wreath while I was in Hiawassee, GA, which I put on the coffee table. I originally intended to put it on the front door, but it looked so pretty there I haven't moved it. I bought some beautiful metallic brown candles while I was there as well, but don't know what I'm going to do with those just yet.

    Got a 1-ft foil tree in the airstream. But that's just about it.

  7. Since we just got home from our cruise, I am late in decorating. Only have a wreath on the front door and a bow on the mailbox. Will only put up a few decorations (stockings, small fiber optic tree, candles, etc.), since I have to 'undecorate' right after Christmas before we head south to FL. I'm gettin' lazy about decorating as I get older, and just enjoy the kids' houses all decked out!

  8. that is a great photo. we use to decorate to the point we would be in the paper because my family loved it so. Then he fell and that was the end of our holiday festivities.

  9. just last night, matter of fact.

    Sonshine walked in and before his eyes were even open he said "you got STOCKINGS momma!!"then he turned and said "you got EVERYTHING!" Then his eyes adjusted to the light and he turned in a circle on the spot and said "It's EVERYWHERE MOMMA!!" I wish I'd had the video camera going! He loves Christmas so!

    all that's left now are the Daddy parts. the tree and the outside lights.

    oh and I found out I don't have any left over cards so they're on the shopping list!....

  10. I do decorate but have not done so yet. Hopefully tonight I will pick up my tree-though it's rainy out today so maybe not...don't want to bring a sopping wet tree into my apartment! I have to put it up before next week though...

    Tonight I will for sure be wrappiing gifts, which'll make my apt feel more festive. :)

  11. Anonymous10:25 AM EST

    Yes...well, if I'm perfectly honest, Mrs. Rambler did the decorating and I brought in the ladder and carried the boxes of decorations for her. I also put together the tree and placed it on top of the entertainment center out reach of the cats.

  12. We do a tree, but it's not up yet. Which is weird because usually it's up right around Thanksgiving. We'll get to it soon enough, I'm sure :)

  13. Hi - I just came to your blog from Sgt. Dub. I love it! As far as Christmas decorations, I decorate the front porch with seasonal stuff year-round...and that's as far as my Christmas things go too.

  14. I've decorated before. Usually the weekend after Thanksgiving. I took out just a small pre-lit tree, fake poinsettia & snowman this year. I'm afraid the dog would mess with anything else :o)

  15. Yes, the place looks just like Christmas. I've only one more gift and I'll have my shopping done. So, deck the halls was done right after Thanksgiving. I so ♥ Christmas.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. ;)

  16. The hearth and mantle are "decked" - decided not to do the halls this year. The wall to wall entertainment center (his NOT mine) is garlanded and sometimes lit; the tree has been placed in the sun room. I just ran a red velvet ribbon around it (the tree, no the sunroom). Now to go thru boxes and boxes of stuff (most of which will go back to the storage shed).

  17. Yes and No. I am not putting up my big tree this year, but not because I don't want to... I do not want my Dad, who will be 80 just before Christmas, to be lugging it down from the garage, and I do not want him up on a ladder putting up lights on the house again. Last year was just too scary!

    My mother has put up her little tree, and I bought a wreath and a long fresh garland for the front porch! I guess I'll do without my Reindeer on the front lawn too!

    But Christmas will come anyway! And my Dad won't break a hip! Yay!

    Say, nice collage! ;)

  18. I like to decorate, but my father isn't keen on the trouble it takes to put up the tree.

  19. I love to decorate for Christmas but MWM has refused to get up into the loft to get the decorations until this weekend - so my decs are going up on Sunday!

    I have decorated my blog though! :)

  20. Ooh really love the picture within a picture featuring a certain soon to be famous photog.

    Don't decorate now except for a porch snowbeing. Used to go all out when the kids were little. Daughter has now taken over on thise duties at her home.

  21. I have done so in the past, but not so much over the last few years. Our place is pretty small and we've gotten a bit cluttered combining our stuff.

  22. Nope and Nope but....
    I do take pics of dead santas

  23. Anonymous10:37 PM EST

    Beautiful collage! :)

    I'm all decorated up here at home. I started to get some stuff for the office, but I lost steam before I got there. *LOL* Maybe I'll catch some stuff on sale this year for decorating next year. We'll see.

  24. seems to me since the kids moved out. I am not into decorating the house. My Mom does a big deal because we go to her house for Christmas. Jessica does her house for the babies... I love buying presents and sending Christmas cards out. I love christmas just don't want the hassle of the putting everything away after wards..

  25. Nope and nope...haven't since my kids were little and we went to my mom's house and now, for years - they've been on their own.

  26. Mandy puts the tree up and trims it here -usually does that on the Sunday right after Thanksgiving but this year, it is already December 11th now and she has yet to make a move to get the ornaments and tree out of the attic. Better get a move on, huh? Usually we don't do any outdoor trim although a couple years back I made a big wreath from Christmas fabric pieces -turned out really nice it did -but I disappeared about 6-7 years ago and I have no clue what happened to it!

  27. I decorated 8 trees in the store... and two big display windows.
    That was my decorating for the year.
    Just wasn't into decorating for the holidays in the apartment. I do have one stocking for the kids, though (yes, it was one of those pre-filled jobbies).
    And that's it.
    I did pull out the Christmas CDs at home - but that's as jolly as this fatboy gets this year!
    Ho Ho HO


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