Monday, December 29, 2008

Manic Monday - Tradition

The word of the week at the Manic Monday Meme is 'tradition' but rather than write about an old tradition, I thought I would make mention of a new one that Jen and I recently started at work on those long 16-hour shifts we spend in the dispatch center every Sunday. Some of you might remember that back in October I journeyed down to New York City to attend a live taping of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and, because it was Movie Week, I came home with a free three-month subscription to NetFlix which has turned out to be a pretty darned cool thing to have as it has become invaluable on those long Sunday shifts.

Jen and I now have what we call "Chick Flick Sundays" and in between 911 calls, routine transfers, and the other aspects of the job, we watch three movies to help pass the time. So far we've watched both Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version) and Sense and Sensibility, Made of Honor, Enchanted, Hair Spray, The Importance of Being Earnest, P.S. I Love You, Shakespeare in Love, The English Patient, What a Girl Wants, Love Actually, The DaVinci Code, and a whole bunch of other movies that I can't recall right off the top of my head. I know for sure that we've watched every Colin Firth movie that we could get our hands on because - yeah, we're shallow - we both adore Colin Firth!

It's turned out that this new tradition is a great way to pass the time on Sundays and we've decided that when my current free subscription to NetFlix runs out, we're going to split the cost to continue it. After all, why stop a good thing?!?

Oh, speaking of good things ... or in this case not so good things ... we watched Mamma Mia! this past Sunday and I've just got to wonder who on earth ever told Pierce Brosnan that he could sing? Oh my aching ears! The movie was a lot of fun, though, and it was darned hard not to sing along but I didn't want to ruin the movie for Jen as singing is not my forte! Though that didn't stop her when we were watching The Sound of Music later in the shift!

One last thing when it comes to our new "Chick Flick Sunday" tradition - no men are allowed in dispatch unless they are dropping something off or making a copy of something - some traditions are just more sacred than others if you know what I mean!


  1. Anonymous6:44 AM EST

    Ah, Mr. Darcy... ::swoon::

    Maybe you can include another tradition to include men that bring yummy snacks to "Chick Flick Sundays"!

    Thanks for the tip on the Polaroid Plugin. I always use Live Writer! It is so much easier. I had never noticed the add plugin button at the bottom! I must enlarge my vision field! hahaha!

  2. That's a great tradition you just started! :)

  3. sounds like a wonderful tradition!

    smiles, bee

  4. I love this new "chick" tradition!

    For goils only ;-)

  5. Anonymous10:06 AM EST

    LOL.... no boys allowed... tee hee!

  6. Sounds like a very good tradition to me :o) I have yet to see the Mama Mia movie. I've seen the musical on Broadway and it was excellent.
    Did you get the Cinderella DVD in mail yet?

  7. Good choices. I would also suggest Becoming Jane for an upcoming chic flick day!

    No need to resist singing along to musicals. In fact, that's what most of the people watching do. It's part of the experience!

    Happy Monday

  8. Who could possibly resist singing along to "The Sound of Music" anyway? I know I can't! Much to the family's chagrin though.

  9. How fun Linda. Chick flicks used to be a favorite pastime for me too. Well, that's when we had television.

    Enjoy your new tradition. Have a terrific day. Bug hug. :)

  10. Saw Mama Mia in the theater and you have to admit that seeing Pierce Brosnan in gold lame was probably worth the price of the movie, and for Colin Firth they could double the price.

    On the downside why they cast Streep instead to Glenn Close is beyond me. Close can sing. Streep did a lot of intensely dramatic air grabbing that did nothing to alleviate the sound of cats mating.

    Still it was fun as ABBA is impossible to resist when it comes to sing along.

  11. What a great tradition!! And, I agree, Pierce Brosnan is NOT a singer... be he is a HOTTIE!! I just love Mamma Mia.

  12. Chick Flick Sundays? Brilliant!

  13. The male singers in Mamma Mia! aren't exactly brilliant, are they?

    I've booked to see the show on the London stage for the third time this October.

  14. Ha! An excellent idea. As you're a bit far away to share a movie with each week, Deanna and I have been doing the chick flicks together at the rate of about 1 every other week. We're burning through Colin Firth's work at an astounding rate-who cares if its a second or third viewing when it's him? We watched Mama Mia with Deanna's daughter and granddaughter on Christmas night. I'm not huge Abba fan, but anyone around back in the day has to admit they know all the words to at least one of their songs. Your restraint in not singing is admirable. We not only sang, we danced! Fun, but my back is screaming still, two goldfish died and we still can't find the cats. Poor Pierce...I guess we'll just have to enjoy ogling him. I agree with Jamie on the Close vs Streep casting. Sigh--seeing the London stage production would be amazing. Get busy Thelma, you and I have work to do...

  15. Anonymous5:26 PM EST

    Pierce Brosnan can't even act, let alone sing! That does sound like a great way to pass those long hours. You'll have to do some in depth movie reviews for us.

  16. And you get paid! You guys could become Ebert & Ropper. Sounds like a lot of fun...

  17. Now this is my kind of tradition!

  18. this sounds like a great tradition and since i just got a dvd player and feel out of the loop in regards to movies, i enjoyed reading about the movies you watched, too. and yes! to colin firth. mmm

  19. love firth in P&P.....but REALLY loved him in Love Actually.

    The Teamster took me to see Mama Mia to give me a break from the hospital this summer. It was a pretty fun escape...although I only sang part of

    There is one dvd I sing all the way thru....he'll have to tell that tale next time you come out....

  20. So, have you seen both Bridget Jones movies and Sleepless in Seatlle yet? how about As Good as it Gets, Fried Green Tomatoes and How to make an American Quilt???
    Of course Steel Magnolias has a place all its own...

    aaaahhhh my favs!! what a great idea!

    by the way, we have Netflix and just LOVE IT!! So much easier to have pizza and a movie after the kids go to bed than trying to arrange a sitter. And HEY they deliver to your door!! How easy can you get??!!

    by the way, I LOVE Richard Simmons. As you said the workouts are fun, more dance than work and he's just so damn silly he makes me laugh....every time!! Santa was not put in the doghouse cuz I specifically requested the videos...actually I even ordered them for myself. The Godiva was a surprise. He says "well, the Richie cancels out the Godiva right?" To which I replied, "as long as the Godiva doesn't cancel out the Richie!!!!!"

  21. oh I thought of more movies....

    the Thomas Crown Affair

    To Wong Foo thanks for everything Love Julie Newmar

    The Notebook

    Hope Floats is good for drooling over Harry Connick Jr


    0000000000000000000000000 there's just so many to choose from!!

    and at $18.22 a month you just can't beat Netflix


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