Friday, December 5, 2008

Looking Up at the Sky on Friday


I was over visiting at CrAzY Working Mom earlier this morning admiring her Sky Watch Friday photo and mentioned in a comment that I had thought about participating in the meme myself but just had never gotten around to it. Shortly afterward she emailed me back and told me not to as apparently there are rules about not disclosing in every single post when you do any sort of paid link or what-have-you. Apparently a site-wide disclosure isn't good enough so Tisha decided to do a sky picture on Friday anyway without participating in the meme.

Considering I have a TON of sky pictures but just not the time to visit everyone who does a major meme (like Wordless Wednesday or the Photo Scavenger Hunt on Saturdays), I thought it would be nice to post a couple of sunset shots I took this past Tuesday and link back to Tisha. Maybe she'll make it a weekly thing and we'll just do it together .. after all, you never know when I might write about a term life insurance quote or something! Have a great Friday and don't forget to scroll down and play along with "I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer" below this post!


  1. Anonymous12:02 PM EST

    Ah ha! I love it. :)

    What a great idea...all of us who are shunned from participating in the "other" meme could do one together. I'm no good with badges, though. We'll have to enlist the guru...Mo for that, I suppose! I'll put up a link to this post over at my place right now!!!

    Nice way to throw that link in there too.

  2. Anonymous1:06 PM EST

    Love the photos!
    beautiful sky.

  3. great idea! i had no idea that other one was so "finniky"! ha ha

    smiles, bee

  4. A beautiful shot, as ever. My father just won a 10 megamixel digital camera in a raffle.

  5. Gorgeous sunset shots, Duchess Linda.

    I'm going now to check out Tisha's sky picture.

  6. Anonymous5:44 PM EST

    These are lovely sunset photos. Thanks for sharing them.
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. You captured some gorgeous color in these shots. Very nice.

    And just because you're not an official part of the meme, doesn't mean you can't be watching the skies on Fridays. :)

  8. Beautiful photos of the sky. I love the colours of the sky in the background. Have a nice weekend.

  9. I've all but quit with the Mr Linky things. I'll post a show and tell every now and again but it's more for me than anything else. Folks just fly by that one post and don't look at anything else....doesn't suit me, I'm here for community not to show off and get a zillion hits one day a week, only to have my usual 35 the other 6 days.

    I love the red sky. was it night of morning?

    red sky at night,
    sailor's delight
    red sky at morning,
    sailors take warning!

  10. Linda - I felt the same way about the meme. I'd love to post with you and CWM. I love all that sky-stuff.
    This is a perfect sky photo!

  11. Anonymous8:29 AM EST

    hahaha! I still do a SWF post, but I stopped putting my link on the SkyWatch Friday blog, not because I do paid posts, but because I was getting too many comments. I simply can not reciprocate that many comments, especially since many comments consisted of "Nice shots". Gandalf and Grayson also get a ton of comments now, and until they learn to type, I can't reciprocate all the comments they get either!

    By the way... awesome Fire in the Sky, Linda! I hardly ever see reds so vivid here in the south!

  12. I only participate in Sky Watch Friday now and then because it is just too huge although I have met a few really nice people from it

    I like the smaller memes where I get to visit everyone. I think we met because of Creative Photography or Ruby Tuesday.

    And I didn't realize about their rules - I never follow rules or read fine print LOL
    Hey I'm from Brooklyn - they can sue me

    Anyway - your photos are fantastic, you really captured the colors!!

    I'm going to go visit Tish's sky too.

  13. Beautifully done. Wow.

  14. I thought of you this weekend as I was perusing the new Target store in Dayville. I was browsing through the electronics and saw the nice, expensive digital cameras with the telescopic lenses, and all the buttons n' functions. Now I want one! LOL

    And BTW, the color is amazing in those shots, I think it was Mother Nature's way of saying, "You've had it easy so far this year, PREPARE TO FREEZE YOUR ARSES OFF!!" HAHA

  15. Anonymous12:40 PM EST

    What gorgeous photos. The colors are simply amazing, and I thank you for sharing this with us.


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