Saturday, September 29, 2007

Checking HIM Out in Germany

Recently Amanda has added another band to her repertoire of ones that she listens to over and over and over again until I have no choice but to know all the words to the songs and then she gets mad at me if I sing along! But as I've said in the past, what's a Mom to do??

Actually, she used to listen to HIM, who used to be known as His Infernal Majesty when they first started out in 1991 but changed it to simply HIM awhile back, prior to becoming a major MCR and MSI fan so I guess it technically isn't so much adding another band as rediscovering an old one! HIM is a Finnish band, the first and only to sell Gold in the United States by the way, and they were one of the many bands that played as part of Projekt Revolution. My Wordless Wednesday picture from this past week was a drawing of the lead singer, Ville Valo, that Amanda had done based on an image she had seen elsewhere.

When we went to Projekt Revolution we more or less paid half-attention to HIM when they performed because obviously they weren't the big draw for Amanda (that would had to have been MCR and MSI obviously!) but she knew quite a bit about them and kept wishing that Ville would take his hat off - which, sadly, he never did. HIM is going to be touring again this Fall and have a concert date in nearby Massachusetts that we might get to if Amanda behaves herself and is lucky. And stops yelling at me for singing along with the songs!

Next Winter HIM will be doing a European tour and will be getting to Sanni's part of the world when they stop off in Germany for six dates. If memory serves, Claire's sister is moving to Germany soon so maybe she might want to catch a HIM concert, too? The scheduled dates and venues when they are in Germany are:
  • 2/17/2008 at Rose Garden Mozart Hall, Mannheim
  • 2/18/2008 at George Elser Halle/Kleine Elserhalle, Munich
  • 2/20/2008 at House Auensee, Leipzig
  • 2/23/2008 at Dortmund Westphalia-resounds 2
  • 2/24/2008 at Palladium Cologne, Cologne
  • 2/26/2008 at Dock Hamburg, Hamburg
No doubt tickets will probably go fast so if either Sanni or Claire's sister, Heather, do decide to take in a concert, they should check out for their koncert tickets as they are a leading ticket hub in Germany. The company matches buyers and sellers of concert tickets, sports tickets, theater tickets, and other events with a safe and 100% guaranteed system that is simple, uncomplicated, and offers assistance 24/7 should it be needed.

Maybe Claire could even go visit Heather and the nephews and go to the concert, too? I think she'd really like this band and then Amanda could be jealous of Claire for a change!

My Chemical Romance tickets

Ville Valo of HIM, drawing by Amanda


  1. My thoughts on the art:
    S/he is taking oxygen
    S/he is holding a breast implant to her face.
    S/he is sucking a pacifier thru a surgical mask.

    I'm just sayin'

  2. He is using an oxygen mask though I have absolutely no idea why!


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