Saturday, September 1, 2007

Royally Curious

No Photo Hunt again for me today as there is just too much stuff piled up around the house for me to do before I head out to meet Mags of Miss Maggie Moo Talks 2 You later this evening (woohoo!) for dinner, drinks, and what I'm sure is going to be a lot of laughter and yes - pictures - I'm sure there will be pictures despite my major aversion to all things photographic when it comes to myself!
Anyhow, I'm not sure if any of you have noticed that once you say "I'm just going to check out a few posts before I start my chores" that you end up getting sucked into the vortex of the Blogosphere and before you know it, hours have zipped by and the laundry still ends up unwashed, the dusting you meant to do has evolved into a full-blown dust bunny ranch, and there's still no food in the kitchen because who has time to go to the grocery store?? Uh-huh, I see you nodding your heads in agreement with me out there - you know exactly what I'm talking about! Hence, no "just looking" at a few Photo Hunt posts for me, instead I'm going to write what I hope is a quick post and then step away from the computer and try to find the vacuum cleaner! Now on to the meat of the matter ...

While watching The Today Show yesterday morning at work during that brief lull before the phones start ringing and the TV becomes a major distraction ("911, can you hold on just one minute with your emergency, Al Roker is just wrapping up the weather ...") and we turn it off for the day, they were broadcasting the memorial service for the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana's death. Naturally it was a somber occasion as people who loved Diana remembered her life and the tragic death that came much, much too soon.

As I was only watching bits and pieces of it in between giving my wheelchair van drivers instructions to start out their day, the one thing that really caught my eye as I looked up at one point was the arrival of Queen Elizabeth II to the service. As she emerged from her staid black motor vehicle wearing a lovely purple ensemble complete with matching hat ...

... what grabbed my attention was the black purse she had on her arm. Come to think of it, in a lot of pictures that you see of the Queen, she is toting a purse of some sort ...

... this made me ask the question "What do you think the Queen carries in her purse??" I mean, she's the Queen for crying out loud so certainly she's not toting around a wallet with her ID or credit cards, a key to the castle, pocket change, a cell phone, pictures of her children, grocery lists scribbled on bits and pieces of paper, frequent shopper cards, pepper spray, match books from the fast food Chinese place around the corner, etc.

My partner Jen ventured to say that perhaps it was a retractable scepter that she could pull out and knight people with should the occasion warrant and perhaps a handkerchief or two as we rather doubt the Queen carries plain old Kleenex! What do you folks think? If you had to take a guess what do you think the Queen carries in her purse??

I'm thinking my readers from across the pond can really weigh in on this one! Have fun with it and I'll see you when I get done with my self-imposed time-out for housecleaning!


  1. I know everyone is gaga over royals, but i will never understand it, they are people also and they do not bleed blue........

  2. Hmmm...sitting here ignoring MY Chores..reading YOUR post...and now I am trying to search the damn internet trying to figure out what the Queen of some other country carries in her purse....sigh....

    Have fun with Mags!!

  3. An intriging thought. There may not be anything in itv except a couple of tissues, and the bag just there for appearance.

  4. personally i think she has a spare crown in there. i mean, what with me being an empress and all, i think i ought to know. not only a spare crown, but a fold away scepter and some gloves too. oh, and a lipstick and some tissue. and a note to lock up the jewels a little tighter in case some of the grandson's girlfriends get any "ideas". and a drivers license that says "i am the queen, bug off" on it. and the key to the castle of course. and it is bejeweled too.

    smiles, bee

  5. You stole my answers, Bee!
    But your royalty - family - so it's ok. I do think she must carry makeup and an extra pair of earrings just in case one of hers falls off in the soup.

    And definitely a nail repair kit.
    DUH!! Why didn't I think of that?

  6. Interesting question, Linda. My guess would be that it would contain items of a "discreet" nature, such as medications, hanky (NOT Irish lace!), and whatever she might need to use when out of the public eye (in the limo, behind closed doors, away from the press). Like Sarge Charlie says, they ARE people too, and they have normal "needs" just like us. What's to say that the Queen doesn't have "normal" items in her purse?

  7. Kind of like the question in the Capitol One ad - "What's in your wallet?" - isn't it?
    What I'd really like to know is how much extra business did the millinery business have leading up to that event yesterday? Did you get a load of all those hats? Who in blazes designs those things anyway? Egads, but some of them were ugly!

  8. Yes, royalty are people, too, but I'm sure they don't care regular old stuff around in their purses like we commoners. Oh, and Bee, we had thought about the spare crown but then decided it was probably tucked underneath the hat the Queen always wears!

    Jeni - I did see some of those hats and I must say that the Brits certainly do love their strange head-coverings! Some of them were very artistic, though!

  9. We know she's beyond the age of tampons, so I'm going with her smokes. A nasty habit that she just can't give up, try as she might.

  10. OK, I'm going to write before reading....

    1) I totally agree on the absorbing nature of the blogoshpere!

    2) The Queen, as a proper lady would have the following in her purse. 2 hankys (silk), all her makeup, a hairbrush, hair spray, perfume, and a couple of "baubles" if'n she changes her mind on the rings/earrings she chose to wear.
    It is also where she puts her gloves upon going inside. You notice the purses are never bulging at the seams and obviously don't weigh much....I'm debating on whether or not there might be an extra pair of silk stockings in there as the Queen would never be seen with runners/ladders...however, it would be such an "uncouth" thing for a true lady to carry around with her so I'm betting not.

  11. OH yeah, I forgot to add, a couple of Poise Pads...just in case....


  12. Well, you already know what I said!!

    I bet she carries pepper spray too!

  13. I found this on the Internet so, of course, it must be right. :~)

    "The Queen carries a comb, a handkerchief, a small gold compact, and a tube of lipstick on her handbag. Most people think that the Queen never carries money. This is not true... The Queen does carry money on Sunday's - a folded note of unknown denomination, which she discretely places in the collection plate when she goes to church."

  14. Hmmm well i was sure bee would say an accordion but as her majesty hardly cracks a smile i think not.

    Although i am a Brit i am not a royalist at all.

    I would have to say the queen must carry a tazer :)

    I hope you have an awesome time tonight :)

  15. Anonymous10:20 PM EDT

    Too funny. Yes, the Queen is never without her HANDBAG. I do know that she never carries any money even though [last time I checked] she's the wealthiest woman in the world.

    I much prefer the retractable scepter though.

  16. Such a delightful question! I would go with the royal hanky, the lipstick (same color she's worn since 1947), and something to hold the royal dentures in place.
    I liked the Queen Mum so much better. Queen Liz seems to have ice water in her royal veins, which do not bleed blue.
    The dowdy outfits, hats, pumps and purses - oh, yes...the hairdo - make her look totally un-royal. She's desperately in need of a makeover. (A little catty, aren't I???)

  17. That first one is way too thin to carry the flask...but the other...they are flask worthy, so that's my vote.


  18. Just watched the movie "The Queen" with Helen Mirren & near the end the Queen pulls out . . . . .a pen from her bag! What a let down! Good movie though.

    Have fun tonight & can't wait or the pics x x x

  19. Anonymous12:15 PM EDT

    A flask with "Queen" engraved on the outside! :)

  20. these answers crack me up - crown, engraved flask. Too much.

    I was thinking the exact same thing as Jeni about the millinery business in London last week. Must have been brisk...and they are some ugly hats!


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