Monday, September 17, 2007

The State of the House Address

I used to be such a neat person. I have used to have such a clean house. I used to never have clutter all over the place. I used to be able to easily find things. I used to live alone!

I seem to have totally lost control of my living space and, the sad thing is, I just don't seem to have the time, ambition, or inclination to do much of anything about it lately. The clutter around here is like some strange fungus that, the more I clean it, the more prolific it becomes. For every square foot that I manage to clean up, there are two more that become covered in cut pieces of felt, drawing pens, books, CDs, discarded clothing, dirty glasses & dishes, shoes, cast-aside works of art that just weren't going 'right', and other assorted teenage paraphernalia. I am most definitely fighting a losing battle and I'm just not so sure I am up to marshaling the troops anymore and continuing the battle!

Case in point, we have two office desks; one that was downstairs in the dining room and one that was upstairs in the third bedroom that I had been using as a computer room before Jamie came back for the summer and it became her bedroom. Amanda decided that she would rather have the small bedroom (the former computer room) after Jamie left because it's painted purple and that's one of her favorite colors.

It being a smaller space I thought it might not be a bad idea as maybe, just maybe, she'd keep it a little neater than she had before. In order to move her into that room, though, I had to move the desk that was in there so I decided to move it downstairs to the dining room and replace the desk that was already there. The desk in the bedroom was an actual computer desk while the one holding the computer in the dining room was more of a student desk, for lack of a better word, and it wasn't doing a very good job holding the computer (though Amanda had managed to pack-rat more crap into it then I ever thought was imaginable!).

On a Saturday over a month ago I brought the computer desk downstairs and swapped out the one in the dining room but I wasn't sure what I was going to do with that one. I ended up putting it in the kitchen (which is a fairly large room) more or less parallel to one of the other counters and before I knew it - like iron filings to a magnet - the surface had become covered with mail, newspapers, books, and Lord knows what else! And there it still sits.

In a past life that desk never would have sat there for several days, never mind several weeks (well, closer to a month at this point!). It would have either found its way to its new place in the house or it would have found its way to a new home somewhere else. But there it sits, a constant reminder of my lackadaisical attitude towards the state of my house every time I walk into the kitchen. I have friends who wouldn't believe this ... heck, I don't believe it and I'm the one living here!

So ... anybody have any ambition they want to sell? I could really use some. Better yet, does anyone need a desk??


  1. Our big purging project begins next weekend...unless we can find something better we like to do!!

    So you can see...we're in the market for some dedication to decluttering ourselves.

    Good luck!

  2. ever wonder what you did with your time before blogging? I use to clean my home. smile.

  3. Oh, do I ever understand. My hubman is very neat and tidy. I'm super slob and have to stay on top of myself. I clean the kitchen everyday and the bathrooms are always's the clutter monster that gets me! And being artsy-fartsy like Amanda, I have box after box of art supplies, easels, canvases, etc., plus all my other craft crap taking up room.
    The poor birds now share space with my art endeavours. Going from a four-bedroom house, to a three-bedroom, now a two...YIKES! Add to that mix all of my books and collectibles...

  4. Anonymous12:12 PM EDT

    Honey, when you get that will to clean, pass some to me. I've been needing it for quite soem time.

    There's a nasty little virgo trait in me that if something gets undone, why bother doing it... housework is that "thing."


  5. Katherine made me laugh, laugh, laugh. That's a bit true for me. But I'm borderline OCD, so I can't let clutter stick around. My children hate me for it. Heck, they have to hate me for something, right?

  6. Tee hee, I see you have adopted the Jen Raymond school of thhought on housecleaning! It just gets messed up 5 seconds after you clean it so why bother? I will say that I make a valiant attempt at order in my house but with 5 sometimes 6 people and 4 cats... it rarely occurs!!


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