Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Walk! In the Name of Love - Volume II

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In a previous post I mentioned that one of my blogging buddies from here in Connecticut is participating in the 5k walk for Breast Cancer in honor of Empress Bee of the High Sea. She's doing wonderfully well in reaching her goal and is almost there but I wanted to make mention that Mags is not the only blogger I know who is doing something in honor of one of the most wonderful ladies in the Blogosphere.

Asara, another one of the most wonderful ladies in the Blogosphere, from Asara's Mental Meanderings is taking up the same cause on October 20th when she walks for breast cancer in her home state of Michigan. If you haven't donated yet, there's still time and you can either visit Asara's page and click on the pink ribbon on her sidebar or even easier, click here for to visit her personal page for the walk.

If each person donated only $5 think what a difference it could make! By itself these days $5 won't get much but when you add it to lots of other $5 it can do lots and lots and lots! Click the link and donate - you know you want to!


  1. come on! it's only five bucks, you know you want to... right??? what are you waiting for? such a great cause.

    smiles, bee

  2. you guys are just way cool......

  3. I donated to both sites - now my pink ribbons have gone bye-bye and I don't know where they went!!! I feel as though I'm losing opportunities to have people donate!

  4. Aww, I'm blushing!! :) Thanks for the shout out, Linda, I really appreciate it :D *hugs*


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