Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Let's Get Some Shoes! Or maybe we have enough already ...

It was back to work today for me after staying home and nursing my cold yesterday so I was able to get my morning fix of The Today Show. I only watch it at work as I just never seem to have the time to sit down in front of the TV at home anymore with my friends Matt, Meredith, and Al as I either never get up in time on my days off or there's this thing called the internet that I appear to be addicted to! We generally have the TV on at work until about 8:30 when it starts to get too busy and because of that sometimes I'm able to catch a little bit of what's going on in the world.

This morning on their "Free to Be Me" segment, Ann Curry did an interesting feature called "Why do we splurge?" What caught my attention was the statement that the average woman owns 19 pairs of shoes but regularly wears only 4. Really? 19 pairs of shoes? I made note of this little fact and vowed to count my shoes when I got home from work just to see if I qualified as being the average woman when it came to the number of pair of shoes I own and wear.

After looking through my closet, under the bed, and anyplace else I keep my shoes, the final tally was 20 pairs - if you count my 2 pairs of slippers and 1 pair of golf cleats. Good Lord, when did I get that many shoes? And how many of them do I wear regularly? Let's see, there are my favorite worn-out white slippers, my work boots, and my blue & white New Balance sneakers. Ha! I only wear 3 pairs regularly so that just goes to show I'm not average!

How about the rest of you, are you average when it come to shoes?? Inquiring feet wanna know!


  1. Further proof that I was never a girl: one pair of sneakers, one pair of flats, one pair of rain/snow boots, one pair of flip flops, one pair of sandals, one pair of slipper. Six pairs of shoes. I'm bringing down the average.

  2. well then I'm going to be the one to raise the average....

    I have a bunch of work only type shoes from dressing for corporate America...and I don't want to put in writing how many pairs of a few tennies...but I only have two pairs of slippers..

  3. I own 1 pair of slipper, 1 pair of running shoes, 1 pair of ked type tennis shoes, 1 pair of "dressy" type shoes.

    My hubby made me clean out my shoes about a year ago. I'd had about 14 pair then. But my feet grew with this last baby and I couldn't wear any of them. :-)

  4. i have many many more than average and only wear a few. wonder why that is and why i can't seem to get RID of the ones i don't wear??

    smiles, bee

  5. Somewhere in my garage/celler/closet and God knows where else I probably have about 10 pair. That is after pitching abunch on the last move, however I. like you, only regularly wear 3. Work boots, sneakers, and sandals. I'm so not into fashion lately it's just not funny. I wonder what I will wear this winter when my feet start to swell????

  6. Pam has about 30 pair - she's a suit gal at work so she's has the need for variety. She doesn't consider herself a "shoe gal". Shoes are tools for her line of work. Her favorite shoes are the mocs I bought her.

    Me? I wear hikers during winter and brown or black walking shoes during the rest of the seasons. I have a pair of sneaks, sandals, and mocs. Then there are dress shoes that I keep but don't have to wear anymore. I think I have 15 pair of shoes.

  7. What's with women and shoes? I only have four pairs, and with the wheelchair, the uppers wear out before the soles :>)

  8. Oh, I don't know the answer to this question, but I am sure I am up in the 30's, easily. I wear more than 4 of them too, for sure, but not nearly all of them. I even have a few that I've never worn.

    Luckily, I did just give a ton of them away to charity along with clothes...

  9. Crikey I'm definitely not average when it comes to shoes - move over Imelda Marcos I want your crown!

  10. I'm like that too only its all New Balance shoes. I must have 25 pairs of running and walking shoes alone. I'm into them so much I got a job writing about them.


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