Monday, October 1, 2007

196 Unread Posts = Guilt

You have no idea how much blogging has become a part of your life until you take a few days off to catch up on housecleaning and work and all that fun (?) stuff. You don't realize it fully until you open your Google Reader or Bloglines or whatever feed you might use and find that you have 196 unread posts staring back at you, looking at you with that glare of disdain that the cat always gives you when you've had the nerve to go out and leave him or her home alone all day with nothing but a bowl of kibble and water.

As I looked in dismay at those 196 unread posts I felt both guilty and uncomfortable, much like I used to with the cat, but I just had neither the time or the energy to go through and read them all so I skimmed, I commented on a couple that really caught me eye, and then I deleted the rest. I sincerely apologize for not having had the time to read posts that so much effort were put into creating but if I were to try to read them all, I'd still be reading when it was time to go back to work tomorrow morning!

Somehow I am going to have to figure out how to better balance work, home, and blogging because trust me, I don't want to have to spend a whole day cleaning like I did this past Saturday because I am still sore from the effort. Now how pathetic is that? Obviously things had gotten so out of hand that it took a semi-Herculean effort to get it back under control and now I need to be sure to keep on top of it and not let it get that bad again - ever. Apparently it's not a good idea for my back to do that sort of thing too often because I don't think a person should still be so achy two days after cleaning!

Unfortunately, staying on top of things may mean that it cuts into my blogging time a little bit as I've found that the house, not surprisingly, doesn't clean itself and Amanda apparently has no ambitions to be a professional maid or housekeeper so I can't expect her to perfect her skills here at home. She certainly has that teenage-sloppiness down to a real art, though!

I wish I was able to be a full-time blogger but unfortunately I don't have anyone offering to pay me my current salary to do that so it's going to have to be a part-time thing that I'm going to get behind on from time to time to time. Or, I could just continue to devote hours upon hours to all things blog but I would have to ask some of you to come over here and do my housework for me so that I don't end up living in squalor and disarray again!

Any volunteers?


  1. Unfortunately, you've gotta eat and all those other things that keep us alive! Do what you need to do and we'll always be in the wings waiting!
    When we were younger and the young husbands worked long hours and wanted to play on the weekends, there were four of them that would meet early Saturday a.m., and do all of their yards together, moving from one to the next. They found it easier to work with buddies and the work got done quicker with the four of them worker together!
    Too bad we don't all live closer together! We could pool our vacuums and dust mops and get 'er done! (And have a heck of a lot of fun doing it!) The Merry Maids at work~!

  2. Anonymous10:23 PM EDT

    It'd be nice to be a professional blogger, though wouldn't it?!
    *Sigh* 'till then I'm on to the next $5 PPP. *LOL*
    Don't feel bad. I had over 200 when I opened mine from being gone barely over 24 hours. Grumble...just doing the best we can!

  3. I'd love to be a professional blogger but I think I'd miss the real world too....which seems to be getting VERY interesting lately I might add.

    My dream also is to attend - or host - a blogger's reunion. Bloggingham could be the destination!!
    But then I'd have to learn to cook.

  4. being retired is great! i can blog a lot and i do. but i also understand working people and especially working moms. don't worry about a thing honey, just have fun with blogging when you can!!

    smiles, bee

  5. Gracie - think you're right on this - it would be so much easier and more fun to be able to do the housework with friends plus the dust bunnies wouldn't stand a chance! I think those husbands had the right idea!!!

    Tisha - Amazing how quickly one can get behind, isn't it? As for the $5 posts, I seem to be avoiding them for some reason when I should take on three of them and get myself $15!

    Mimi - No, you wouldn't have to learn to cook, you'd just have to invite some bloggers who already know how to cook and who want to show off their skills - like Mags!

    Bee - I so envy you! Thanks for understanding and for being such a great friend! Hope you have a safe trip back to Florida!

  6. We all feel this pinch at times and I'm retired too. After a long weekend (like the one coming up) I just have to do the hit and miss with the Google reader. It has become stressful as well, so I've decided to hit the "mark as read" and move on. Have a great day Linda. :)

  7. "I am going to have to figure out how to better balance work, home, and blogging"

    When you figure it out ... please let me know ...

  8. Anonymous11:34 AM EDT

    Me, too. I would like to be a full-time blogger. Don't feel bad about not reading every post. Just delete some of them.

  9. It's difficult juggling work, home and blogging - just do what you can - our paths will cross at some point. :)

  10. Eh, clean houses are over rated least that's what I tell myself!

  11. I know the list is quite high when I return from vacation.

  12. Once upon a time when I was a single parent with two children and a full time job I semi kept things under control by creating two recipe boxes, one for weekly chores and one for monthly chores.

    The children would come home and do a daily chore (load and start dishwasher) then grabbed a weekly chore (vaccuum your bedroom, pick up the living room, mop kitchen floor etc.) Once a week (usually Saturday) they would grab a "monthly" (mow lawn, clean windows etc.) I would do the same. Once done, that recipe card would move to the back of the stack.

    Our home was never pristine since real people without maids lived there, but at least it seldom got totally out of hand.

    You just break down the stuff that has to be done in what ever way that works for you, taking into consideration the number of people to do it: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and stick to it.


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