Monday, October 8, 2007

Two Words - Great Weekend!

I can tell I am totally wiped out from this weekend simply because I have been sitting here staring at the same wall sconce for well over 30 minutes! You know your mind is totally tired when you can just sit in one spot and marvel over a lighting fixture! But it's a good sort of tired.

Even though we come to know each other quite a bit through our blogs, I believe there is always that small bit of trepidation at actually meeting another blogger in person. Whereas the internet is a great way to meet people one of the things that you learn very quickly (especially if you've ever done any sort of internet dating) is that people are not always who they say they are. Consequently when you actually meet the person whose blog you may have been reading for a very long time, there's always that little thought at the back of your head wondering if this person is going to be anything at all like they are online.

I had obviously had the extreme pleasure of meeting Mags before this past weekend and she is everything she claims to be on her blog and then some. A warm, loving, friendly, funny woman you'll not find anywhere else and on top of all that - THE WOMAN CAN COOK! Obviously Mags had a passion for food and the wonderful things that can be done with it before she started culinary school (it was one of the many things we talked about) and she has taken that passion and turned into a fantastic skill. I can't say enough good things about her talent in the kitchen or how about how much joy she obviously gets from cooking for others.

While I slept in late in Mags' room (which she was more than gracious to give up to me due to my known back issues) and Mo slumbered away in the guest room, Mags was up early Saturday morning making a delicious lemon cake from scratch that accompanied herbed shirred eggs, something that I had never had before. I'm not sure which was better - the eggs or the cake (though I know which one Miss Bee would pick!). Both were out of this world and a fantastic way to start our day. Even though we had a full day planned ahead of us, there was the knowledge that when we got back to Mags' house she was going to be preparing yet another marvelous meal for us complete with two desserts and how can you not love a woman who makes not just dessert but two desserts?? I left her house Saturday night ready to pop but it was all just so darned good that it was hard to stop eating.

As for Morgen himself - what a great, great guy. If you get the idea from his blog that he's a man who laughs easily, who has a great sense of humor, and who is just like a big teddy bear then you've got the right idea! He's also a fantastic dancer as I found out when I had mentioned that I had been tagged for a meme by Mimi about dancing but despaired of being able to write it because I couldn't remember the last time I had slow-danced with a man. I had no sooner gotten that out of my mouth then Mo offered me his hand and we danced right there in the kitchen. It was just the sweetest thing ever and now I can say that yes, I have slow-danced recently with a great guy.

At Gillette Castle I thought the three of us were going to get tossed from the premises when we kept laughing so much about the tour guide whose voice went UP all the time but we just found it to be the funniest thing and it became a running joke throughout the rest of the weekend. I could be wrong but it seemed that the three of us all seemed to have the same sense of humor - either that or we are all three total nut cases and that's why we found things so funny! I'm probably not too far off in that assessment!

I really can't tell you what my favorite part of the weekend was (I can tell you that going to work in the middle of it wasn't!) because it was just so nice to spend time with people whom I genuinely like and have come to care very much for. It's like I've known both Mags & Mo so much longer than I have and they are both people well worth knowing. I'm proud and happy to call them both "friend" as there are none finer.

Now if Mags and I could just talk Mo into moving The Wren's Nest to Connecticut we'd be all set! For the record, we did try heartily on that one, too! We found a lovely little shop for rent down in Essex that would probably cost for one month what Mo pays now for an entire year but I know of at least two loyal customers he'd have and being the type of guy he is, he'd have many, many more to follow.

A big, big thank you to Mags for being such a splendid hostess this weekend and another big thank you to Mo for trusting us enough to get on a train and make the long trek out here as I'm sure he had his thoughts about meeting us, too. It really was the best of times!

Oh, and before I forget ... the "Two Words - Fairy Wings" refers to a text message that I got from Amanda in the middle of our day on Saturday. When I couldn't think of what to title yesterday's post Mo suggested that as a title so I figured why not?! Two Words - Good Idea! Two Better Words ... Great Weekend!


  1. you mean all these people on the blogs are REAL???

  2. Well, I'm not too sure about ALL of them, Katherine, there are some I really, really have to wonder about!

  3. Wow, Linda! I am impressed with the weekend you just had! The food alone had me drooling - even though this past weekend was a really good one for me in the food department too. The castle tour sounded really terrific as well.
    Aren't you just happy as a clam now that you've had the opportunity to get acquainted -in the flesh =with two of your favorite bloggers? Be nice if that could happen for a lot of us that way too.

  4. This post made me smile.

  5. It is great to see that people do actually meet up and get on - I am pleased for you all!

  6. 8)

    This post made me tear up! (And you know I'm not a cryer!!)

    Thank you, Linda, for these kind words and for your friendship. You make my life brighter and happier because you are a part of it.

  7. How wonderful that you all got to meet up and liked each other!!!

    Thanks for clearing up the 'fairy wings'. :)

  8. You and Mags should keep working on Mo to move to our Nutmeg State. Essex would be a perfect spot for his shop.
    What a wonderful weekend you three had. I'm envious of all the laughs!
    I agree with Jeni. It would be nice if more of us could meet in person. I find blogs very revealing and I would know what to expect, wouldn't you?


  9. I really have to explore more of CT to see new things for myself (Gillette's Castle for one). Agreed that rents are too high in CT, but Essex, Stony Creek (Branford) or the Guilford green would be nice choices in this state...


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