Friday, October 19, 2007

Boys Will Be Boys??

Just to embarrass Dane a little bit more than what I did with my Wordless Wednesday post I thought I'd put up one more picture of him looking oh so cute in that pink wig! From what I hear he only got mild harassment while walking through the bay on Thursday and his girlfriend, Mal, tells me she hasn't seen all of the pictures yet either as Dane appears to be withholding them from her view.

Like Boukie said the other day in his comment, the estrogen levels are running high in dispatch and let's hope the guys at Montville Fire where Dane volunteers don't see these! Smiles, Dane, and welcome to dispatch!!


  1. Anonymous8:13 AM EDT

    LOL!!! what a face! what a boy-girl!

  2. very cute - and his hair goes well with his purplish shirt


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