Friday, October 19, 2007

I've Got a Question, You've Got an Answer

Just another week and a half and Amanda and I will be on our way to Bangor, Maine to attend the latest My Chemical Romance concert with friends. I am really looking forward to it not just because of the concert but because it's a mini-vacation of sorts and because I will be facing one of my silliest of fears - the creepy, crawly Maine of so many Stephen King books! I can't really explain it - there's just something about the place that gives me the creeps even though I'm sure it's a wonderful place over all and not the haunted, vampire-filled, domain of some of the world's scariest creatures ever ...

Ah yes, "we all float down here"! Which brings us to this week's question -

What scares you the most?

It doesn't have to be something so scary that it would inspire you to wear adult diapers - though that's certainly an option! - but it could be ghosts & ghouls or other things that go bump in the night right up to not having enough money to ever comfortably retire (and trust me, that fear is right up there with Maine!) or being alone for the rest of your life (gee, am I naming all my fears here??)

So let's hear it folks - what gives you goosebumps or keeps you awake at night?


  1. I just did a post on this...was it just yesterday? I fear for my children's safety and health and happiness. Everything else -- sorry, guys, but global warming included -- pales in comparison. And, yeah, I know global warming will have an impact on my children.

  2. Seriously woman! You must warn me about that freaky ass clown!

    (And oh no, I see my head below this comment box in another post!!!

  3. yes, Linda, please stop with the clown already! those hands just really need some Mary Kay Satin Hands on em or SOMETHING!!

    my biggest fear. It's funny how it's changed over time. Right now I'd say my biggest fear is dying before my kids are old enough to remember me.

  4. I'm not afraid of clowns but I do not like them at all. So I'm with the rest of 'em...ditch the creep!
    My fears are probably more intangible than something like creepy stuff. I hate what this world is becoming, the culture is so vulgar and coarse, the disprespect we show one another. But I'm also afraid of losing my soul mate! I guess that's my biggest fear.

  5. Having now watched both my dad and mom lose their short-term memories, I fear that I will go down that very same road not too many years from now. And while my sister and I cared for my dad and now my mom, who will care for childless Hubby and me if we travel that road?

  6. hmmm...I guess if I lost faith...that would scare me the most.

  7. Anonymous5:35 AM EDT

    My all time fear is my son's health, he's only 2 at the moment, soon to be 3, i'm 28 and i reckon I will be grey by the time I am 30 woth worry!!

    That Clown really gives me the willies, I watched that film when I was about 15 and couldn't sleep for weeks!!!

  8. of my greatest nightmares is that I'll be on a schoolbus and we will drive off a bridge. Silly when you consider we homeschool.
    I would love to go to Maine, during college one of my professors parent's were able to watch the filming of the first Pet Semetary movie...I have a highway in front of the house that reminds me of that one. Curry made a frightful Pennywise the clown...and I admit It was one of his scarier books.

  9. that clown is enough to scare anyone! I do the usual mom worries, kids and their health. but I am very claustrophobic and can't even think about being in small spaces. like a locked box under ground (shiver).

  10. Anonymous11:15 AM EDT

    Yeah seriously, that clown pic is enough to give me nightmares for a few days.

    You're becoming a regular concert junky huh? hehe Have a good time!!

  11. My biggest fear is being left alone. Granted, I'm all set for now, with "Mrs. Bulldog" & my parents still here, but what will happen in the future? I can identify w/Joan's fears the most. I don't even want to entertain the possiblity of losing my wife, but unfortunately, the passing of my parents will happen eventually, and I don't think I'm ready.

  12. Holy crap, woman.
    I'm never going to Maine
    I'm never going to Maine...

  13. Losing a loved one. As we age it will happen, but I don't like it at all. Have a great day Linda. :)

  14. I can't watch a creepy movie by myself, I'm too scared to go upstairs afterwards!


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