Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Creep on Over to The Mo Show Wednesday Night!

This week on The Mo Show
stop in for a hauntingly good time
when I sit in as co-host with Morgen for
Ghosts & Hauntings.

Don't be scared to join us at
7 PM Eastern on Blog Talk Radio. It would be
boo-tiful if you can join us!

On The Mo Show this week it's - ME! - sitting in as co-host with the fabulous Morgen of Michigan! Join us as we discuss ghosts & ghouls & things that go bump in the night - if you dare, that is!! Be there or be sure to listen in on the archives! And don't forget to vote on the show and leave Mo some feedback to let him know how he's doing!


  1. Can't wait Linda. I know the show will be awesome. :)

  2. I must rememeber to leave the office at 4pm today.

  3. Wow...I can't wait to hear the show...I will so try and be home this afternoon. Hopefully I'll remember to catch it live...otherwise I promise to listen to the archives!!!

  4. Anonymous11:50 AM EDT

    Can't wait - it's gonna be great! :-)

  5. Yay! My MoMo and My LindaLoo together again! I'll have to close my eyes and pretend we're all in my living room.

    No, wait...this is a scary show. I won't be closing my eyes...nope. In fact, I'm scared now. Hold me.


  6. Sounds spookalicious. You are quite the multi-tasker!!


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