Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Introducing LynZ - The Plushie Version!

Regular readers of my blog (and thank you, whoever you may be!), will certainly remember this picture of Amanda and LynZ, bassist for Mindless Self Indulgence, that was taken at the Projekt Revolution concert in Hartford this past August. Meeting LynZ was one of the highlights of Amanda's whole summer and since then she has wanted to make a plushie doll in her likeness.

We bought the supplies quite awhile ago but as Amanda seems to have inherited my fine sense of procrastination, it took her awhile before she finally set about the project. Of course, I should mention that she had been working on a Steve, Righ? plushie doll that still remains pant-less at this time so I guess it wasn't as if she hadn't been doing something ... it just wasn't making Steve any pants!

At any rate with all pants - or lack thereof - aside, Amanda finally started on the plushie of LynZ this weekend and it turned out to be the toughest plushie she's made so far as LynZ has a lot of detail that her other dolls didn't. The hardest part was making her hair as LynZ has beautiful long black hair in real life and, of course the doll, needed the same.

On top of that, she needed fishnets, black knee-hi socks, black boots, a plaid skirt, a black undershirt, and a maroon vest - whew! Oh and let's not forget the tattoos on her arm! Amanda still needs to draw the tattoos that cover LynZ's left arm but she said she needs to find a good picture before she can do it as she wants it to be as accurate as possible so, for right now, plushie LynZ only sports the one tattoo on her right arm.

Because Amanda was totally stumped when it came to making a vest and the socks and boots seemed to give her a little bit of trouble, too, I got to dust off my sewing skills and help out with this project a little bit. Not that I am any great seamstress but it was kind of fun to try to figure out how to make these things minus a pattern. After all, it's been many, many years since I took a sewing class back in my sophomore year of high school! I think I did a'ight for someone with no craft skills at all!

Finally, anyone who is familiar with MSI at all knows that one of the things LynZ is known for is her flexibility as witnessed in the picture below -

I swear, it makes my back hurt just to look at her doing that as I can barely bend forward - never mind backwards! Pretty amazing, eh? But, because it's LynZ's signature move, Amanda had to make sure that the LynZ plushie was capable of the same so we put her to the test ...

Not bad, eh? Now we just have to get her a little bass guitar and she'll be all set! Well, once she gets her left arm inked also!

Next up? Well, either Steve gets pants, Kitty gets her other arm and legs sewn on, or Amanda by-passes both to start on a Gerard plushie. Seems an Art-Munkey's work is never done!


  1. Anonymous10:25 PM EDT

    I think Amanda should just skip to Gerard.

    Lynz looks great though.

    And Steve..well, Amanda needs to get him pants..soon!


  2. Anonymous10:35 PM EDT

    An Art-Munkey's work never is done! I would know this, when she procrastinates she calls me. =]]]

  3. Anonymous11:32 PM EDT

    That is way cool, Amanda! You rock, girlfriend. :)

  4. i'm with sarge, i think they are cute as buttons but i am so old if it weren't for your blog i would never have heard of them. but they are cute!!!

    smiles, bee

  5. Anonymous12:23 PM EDT

    Ackk!! I feel old just looking at her bend backwards like that! (hehe)

    Tell Amanda the LynZ doll looks awesome!! :-)

  6. Her talent seems to be endless...very cool Amanda!

  7. Great joint effort there Linda! :)

  8. now we know where Amanda gets her talent...

    she really has a good eye...and I am sure LynZ will be totally thrilled!

  9. Amanda's skill never ceases to amaze me. She did a great job with the LynZ doll. LynZ is really flexible on the stage!

  10. Trademark the Amanda plushies!!! Now!!!

    Distinctive, one of a kind, handmade dolls are very collectible. Think Cabbage Patch, Webkinz, American Girl ... Since she is doing rock stars, it could turn into a very profitable line.

    Caution: If she goes retail with them, she will need to investigate how far she can go with using a name and image without permission.

  11. Anonymous7:25 PM EDT

    Very creative. It's one thing to have the 'picture' in your mind, it's quite another to translate it into some tangible. Well done.

  12. These plushies are so well done. Very cute. Kudos to Amanda.

    I agree she should trademark them!


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